Origami structure which instantly changes shape by changing magnetic field Output robot with 3D printer

MIT researchers developed robots that can physically work by instantaneously changing the shape by changing the magnetic field by accurately outputting objects with complicated shapes and nonuniform magnetism using a 3D printer Did. It is expected to be applied to the development of extremely small size micro robots that can move around the body by elaborate three-dimensional formation with 3D printers.

Printing ferromagnetic domains for untethered fast-transforming soft materials | Nature

The state of the microrobot that can make movement instantaneously by the change of the magnetic field can be confirmed with the following movie.

3D Printing a Fast-Morphing Smart Material - YouTube

Development of various objects that can change the shape has been done so far.

Many things physically change the shape using magnetism, but there are restrictions on the direction that can be deformed ......

There was a difficulty in practicality as it was necessary to connect with a wire, or the shape could not change quickly.

On the other hand, robots developed by Mr. Yuno · Kim et al. 'S team have the characteristic that they can change shape quickly. Below is a state of separating the robot made with the 3D printer from the foundation with the blade of the cutter.

Robots shaped like snowy crystals ......

It can be changed shape instantaneously by change of magnetism. A big feature is that not only shape but also motion can be given by three-dimensional origami structure.

While making 3D structure by 3D printer ... ...

Exposed to a magnetic field to have magnetism.

By controlling the magnetism while outputting, the object can have partially different magnetism.

It is a soft silicone rubber outputted with a 3D printer, and iron particles are kneaded in it.

When pinching with tweezers, rubber got tears, but it stood upright upright so as to be pulled by a huge disk-like magnet.

Rocking the rubber to the left and right flexes flexibly as if you are pursuing a magnet.

Thanks to 3D printers, we were able to create objects with complex shapes.

Three-dimensional shape with uneven magnetism ... ...

The shape can be changed by changing the magnetic field.

Researchers have created a model to verify the structural change (movement) of three-dimensional objects.

Make a model with a computer ......

We actually reproduce and design movement.

Bending a complex three-dimensional structure ......

By applying a magnetic field to the crushed state ...

It has succeeded in restoring to its original shape.

By the object of origami structure, catch the ball which fell from above.

Change the shape to shrink ... ...

After that, by developing it all at once, it succeeded also to let objects jump.

Since you can create objects as designed by computer, you can make various movements.

Snow crystal object at the beginning of the movie ......

It is transformed into a complex solid.

Small objects are thought to be applied to drug delivery systems that carry drugs in the body. The robot which puts the drug capsule ...

I folded and wrap the medicine.

Furthermore, medicine is carried while rotating.

When deployed at the destination ......

By releasing it, I released the medicine.

A robot that can be changed into a complicated shape by magnetism developed by MIT researchers is output by a 3D printer, so it is possible to form an extremely small object with extremely complicated shape. Furthermore, by using the "origami" model, it is possible to move and move, so it is thought that it can be applied to microrobot which can move inside the body.

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