Abolished the ability to install extensions from Google Chrome from outside the Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome extensions are Google's official "Chrome Web StoreAlthough it is often installed from the site, by using the API, "from the site other than the Chrome Web Store"Inline installationIt was also possible to execute. However, as there are so many complaints from users, it is decided that inline installation will be discontinued in the future and only "from the Chrome Web Store" will be able to install extensions.

Chromium Blog: Improving extension transparency for users

Since the summer of 2018, Google decided to abolish the inline installation function on all platforms.

Surveys in recent years have shown that installing extensions from the Chrome Web Store greatly reduces the incidence of user complaints and the uninstall rate of extensions compared to using inline installation I will.

Google said that most of the complaints that resulted in a situation in which Chrome's user experience was compromised were mostly caused by placing extensions from outside the Chrome Web Store using inline installation .

The inlining installation function is to be abolished in three stages.

Local time when this release was announced From 12 June 2018, the inline installation function will be unavailable with newly released extensions. Even if you use the "chrome.webstore.install ()" function, a new tab opens automatically and it is transferred to the Chrome Web Store for installation.

After September 12, 2018, the inline installation function will be invalid even with existing extension. Just like the previous one, you will be transferred to the Chrome Web Store and installed when you try to install it.

Lastly, inline installation API itself is deleted on Chrome 71 scheduled to be released in early December 2018, and the inline installation mechanism is removed from Chrome's ecosystem.

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