Amazon's huge box with a Jurassic World logo is moving through the city

Amazon's huge box containing the familiar dinosaur logo at Jurassic World is moving in Los Angeles. Although the inside of the box has not been revealed yet, the size of the box that is carried by the trailer seems to fit entirely in the car. A sighting tweet has risen in various places and it has become a hot topic.

Amazon Is Driving Around a Jurassic-Sized Box, and You Can Ask Alexa What's Inside - Adweek

On May 31, 2018, I tweeted that the official Twitter account of Jurassic World carries huge "something" made over 65 million years on Amazon.

The picture that was posted is kore. A huge box that arrived in the middle of the night contains a Jurassic World logo ......

It seems that boxes were delivered to Los Angeles from Costa Rica. According to the statement of the invoice, asking Alexa that "What is in the box?" Ask Jurassic World, I understand something. Also, even if you scan the smile code from the Amazon application, you can get detailed information on the box from the special page.

In addition, the jeeps are lined up ... ...

The scenery taken in the morning was Kore. It seems that it was delivered by Amazon prime flight.

In addition, Prime video also posted a meaningful tweet "Special Delivery ......"

Also, who finds huge Amazon Box in town and tweets "There are lucky people who can receive dinosaur delivery!"

Some people also post that "Are you included in the benefits of my Prime members?"

A huge box is proceeding throughout the city in a form led by the Jeep.

Alright, looking at the air next to the logo is vacant.

The pictures of the huge box of the mystery have been posted with a hash tag of "#AmazonFindsAWay", and some movies were also there. It seems that you are slowly moving through the city of Los Angeles.

And what is in the box? The hint of Prime video is released in movies.

Please note that this will be released on Friday, July 13, 2018 "Jurassic World / Kingdom of FlamesWith the continuation of the promotion, Jurassic World will be on May 15Service AnimalCan you bring a dinosaur as an airplane? We released a movie called.Hamsters who were "spiritual support" are refused to board and flushed to the toiletAlthough the treatment of service animal is gathering attention, such as the news report is reported, it is understood by seeing the following movie whether dinosaurs are allowed to be fulfilled.

My Dinosaur Is a Service Animal (with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard!) - YouTube

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