I tried a Starbucks "Kaga Bar Hojima Tea Frappuccino" that can enjoy the fusion of "Japanese and Western" using only the savory best tea

From Starbucks Coffee on May 30, 2018 (Wednesday) New work Frapetino "Kaga bar Roppongi tea flapcino"Has appeared. I tried drinking Frappucino called "I can enjoy the fusion of Japanese and Western" combined with Jelly and white chocolate cream etc. using only "the first tea" that contains a lot of umami ingredients from high-quality Kaga bars It was.

[New product information] Kaga Bata Houju Frappuccino ® | Starbucks Coffee Japan

"Excitate to Japan you do not know." STARBUCKS® JAPAN WONDER PROJECT starts! "Kaga stick frappuccino®" using golden shining "Kaga sticks roasted tea" abundantly | Press Release (May 23, 2018) | Starbucks Coffee Japan

I came to Starbucks.

There is a signboard in front of the shop notifying of the appearance of the new flapcino using hoji tea. This Frappucino is a Starbucks' rediscovering and disseminating nice monogot of Japanese food cultureSTARBUCKS JAPAN WONDER PROJECT"Developed Frappuccino using" Kaga stick robust tea "that focuses on" Japanese unique tea culture "such as Matcha which grinds tea leaves and brews tea leaves in the first bullet from the campaign He said that he did. I will order such "Kaga bars Hojima Frapetcino".

"Kaga bar stick frappuccino" (Tall size only: 670 yen including tax) arrives in about 2 minutes.

The height including the lid is about the same as iPhone 7 (long side 13.8 cm).

Put a whipped cream as a topping, and "stick cha cha powder" which is finely crushed stem itself from above is applied. The stems are used for stick bronze tea, because the rice tea was rare as an export item during the Edo period, a method of using stems was developed.

The part of the drink mixed with ice grains, visible from the cup, where the slightly brown and white color of the upper half represents the marble pattern is the combination of "Rod Hojo Tea", "Milk" and "White Chocolate Cream" I will. In the lower half of the cup, near the bottom is plenty of brown "jelly", which means that it smells the scent of the bar stew.

After mixing it, when you drink it, you can feel the fragrant fragrance of Kaga sticks roasted tea in the sweetness of creamy white chocolate and milk. I feel that the sweet aftertaste of milk and chocolate is suppressed thanks to the stubborn aroma of bar stew.

As a thick straw used for Frappuccino, you can taste the jelly and drink part together, so you can enjoy Jelly's feeling of sparkling and the sharpness of ice at the same time. Also, you can feel the fragrance of bar stubborn tea contained by Jerry even more. Because the seasoning of Jelly itself is modest, we only added aroma and texture to the drink part.

"Kaga Bata Hojima Frapechino" is a limited time Frappucino in Starbucks nationwide except some stores until July 19, 2018 (Thursday)

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