Thinking that importance is more important than "happiness" is "resilience" that can not beat difficulties

byAlan Levine

The word "happiness" frequently appeared in the media,Prestigious lecture by Yale UniversityAs well as attracting great interest to be treated as a business, it also develops. However, what is more important than happiness is "the power to overcome difficulties" and "the ability to deal with difficulties"Resilience(Resilience)The idea that it is "is becoming to be insisted.

Resilience is the new happiness - Quartz

Resilience (resilience) in psychology is a concept that becomes a pair of vulnerability and is a spontaneous healing ability that is also described as "mental resilience", "resistance", "durability". Anna Rowley, a psychologist who is a consultant of executives of companies including Microsoft, says that consulting is trying to avoid the word "happiness" and to use the word "resilience" . Although the word "happiness" creates confusion in the idea of ​​"what is success", Mr. Rowley thinks that "recovery" will change the technology and become an important skill to grow the economy. "Comfort" is a good thing, but it does not become a fighting force. However, the ability to overcome difficulties and recover from suffering will increase opportunities to get "comfort". "Recovery" is very practical.

Pleasure is relative to discomfort and pain, and humans can not always be happy. When you are not successful you need to learn strength and endurance first so that you can save yourself.

The ability to recover is not a kind of "talent" that was born, but it can be acquired afterwards. In the state of MarylandSilver SpringIn the fifth grade children children are participating in the program called "Resilience Builder Program", children under the psychologist speak stress management, yoga, play, stories We will learn how to solve emotional problems by doing. Psychologist Mary Alvord says, "It is important for children to know that" they have the power to change things. "Although we can not control everything in life, we control many aspects It is possible to do it. "

byHamish Darby

Likewise, Betty Nieves, who opens a workshop to develop children with resilience, tells children how to handle emotions, as well as explaining the importance of having 'mindful time' with them. Mindful time is the time for children to stop, reflect on, share emotions. By spending a mindful time, children seem to be easy to leave difficult feelings and to focus on what to do.

It is important for adults to acquire resilience. According to research published by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Healthy Minds, those who continued "Meditation of Mercy" for about two weeks will have greater resilience when they face suffering. It is not that pitiful himself is suffering when there is suffering, it is said that responding with mercy feelings without resorting to criticism leads to resilience.

Training compassion 'muscle' may boost brain's resilience to others' suffering

Meditation of appreciation made here visually imagining about suffering of themselves and other people 30 minutes every day, thinking about the person who is fighting for themselves. At this time, the person who is meditating does not judge the emotion that he is holding against the fighting partner, just accepts the emotion, at the same time wishes the other's happiness. Two weeks later, subjects were shown both "neutral photographs" and "suffering pictures" such as the victim of a dead child or bamboo, and a brain scan was performed. Then the group who meditated mercy as compared to the comparison group is showing the pictures of suffering Amygdaloid nucleus ·Islet cortex· The activity of the orbital frontal cortex was small, not only not only gentle but also showed that it was sympathetic to what is shown in the photograph. The comparison group said there was a tendency to take a view like "Do you really suffer? Acting?" Against the pictures of people suffering.

byNatalia Figueredo

Researchers said, "Empathy and compassion is like muscles and can be developed, sympathetic minds allow people to acquire resilience and to overcome larger challenges I will be able to do it. " This ability is very important for those who have a professional helping people, such as doctors and lawyers.

Also, Jesse Sostrin, who runs the leadership and coach program, insists that resilience will affect many things such as problem solving skills, body, spirit, innovation and so on. Difficulties in life are inherent, there is no one who does not fail. Resilience is important not only to people who help people but also to everyone.

Hari Budha Magar, who loses both feet in Afghanistan and uses prosthetic legs, plans to climb the elevest in 2019. It is Mr. Magar who tells me that I do not know what to do after losing both feet, but as of 2018, until now I am talking "My talent is not in the legs but in the heart", "I am not losing so much" It is becoming. "We need to rely on handrails and wheelchairs, and the doors of the bathroom had to be large." "But if you do not go wrong with the method you expect, you can find another way," Magar said It can be said that "resilience" appears.

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