"Deep work" and "30 hour learning method" to eliminate distracting things are important for learning new things

ByHamza Butt

While there is fun to learn something new in terms of work, school, hobbies etc, on the other hand, especially when you are forced to press that thing, you are caught up with "frustration" There are things that you can do. In such a case, as a method to proceed efficiently learning, "Deep work" which creates an environment where you can concentrate by eliminating noise such as e-mail and SNS and 30 hours to advance into learning by dividing it into seven segments "30 hour learning Law "is explained in the blog.

The Importance of Deep Work & 30-Hour Method for Learning a New Skill | Azeria Labs

This blog entry was released in the embedded system "ARM architectureBlog on AboutAzeria Labsis. It seems to be a world of technological evolution that evolves with the progress of the day, and describes a method to introduce new knowledge and achieve results.

It is picked up in the entry by Mr. Cull Newport's book "Deep Work (Theme:" Concentrate on Important Things "). Among them, the official formula for maximizing the outcome of work is called "How to work to maximize achievement = time spent x concentration"We make an environment that eliminates ambient noise that hinders concentration ability and advises based on cognitive science and psychology expertise to immerse.

Concentrate on important things --- scientific way to maximize productivity in a world full of distractions - Cal - Newport, Midori Kadoda | book | mail order | Amazon

In order to focus on deep work, it is better to incorporate some method. So in this book the following four ideas are cited.

·Ascetic: Maximize deep efforts by thoroughly eliminating shallow obligations
·Bimodal (bisection): Spend a certain amount of time to divide time and concentrate deeply, the rest reserve for other things
·sense of rhythm: The easiest way to run deep work is to turn it into a simple, regular habit
·Journalistic: Do deep work at convenient places anywhere on your own (but for experts)

While using this deep work, we recommend separating "30 hours" first to remember new things and 30 hours "4 hours × 7 sessions (+2 hour buffer)" to remember new things. In fact, the following schedule is shown as a concrete example to memorize the contents of the ARM architecture.

[Session 1] Information gathering and reading
·ARM tutorial (Parts 1 - 7)I Read
·Process Memory and Memory CorruptionRead the section
· Slide created by Mr. Sascha SchirraExploitation on ARM-based SystemsLook over
· If you are thinking of using your shell code,Execve Shell,Bind Shell,Reverse shellLook over the section of
· So that you can use it as soon as you want to investigate somethingARM reference manualPrepare a handbook

[Session 2] Building the Environment & Goal Setting
· Set up the ARM development environment. In that case already preparedAzeria-Labs Lab VMIt is convenient.
·GDB / GEFTo become familiar with
· For the remaining time, gather information on general tools such as "objdump" and "strace" in Google search

【Session 3】 First Step: A simple start
·This start guideReading,Stack overflowI started practicing with a simple task at.exploit-exercises.comIt is OK to get the source code from and compile it in the local ARM environment.

【Session 4】 Repeat
· Continue in this session when the content of Session 3 is not sufficiently cleared

[Session 5] Solving the ARM problem
· Once you master the problem of stack overflow,root-me.orgTackle the senior problem of

【Session 6】 Repetition practice
· Continue to work on root-me.org

[Session 7] Repetitive practice
· Continue to work on root-me.org

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