Content that can be downloaded free and commercial use is also okay, fine detail pictogram "human pictogram 2.0"

Although the design of materials and distributed items is troublesome, "Let's hurry to use those who want to go home soon after finishing their work and go home"Balloon designIs the author ofTopeconHeroesMr. Doyama has released a pictogram which can be used for free and for commercial purposes. "In most cases, pictograms are used for signs such as public transportation and barrier-free, so many of them are serious in their atmosphere, so it's somewhat uninteresting, so we decided to increase variations more like crappy poses It is said that the contents of the pictogram too much pinpoint can be enjoyed even just watching.

human pictogram 2.0 (free person pictogram material 2.0)

Pictograms that are not categorized are displayed on the top page in a staggered manner, and from the button at the bottom of the page you can check that "What kind of pictograms are there?"

An example is like this. Pictogram which explained the scene which is pinpoint too, such as "Pictogram 2 of low back pain" and "I can not afford pet" from a warm heart sight such as "a child swinging in a swing".

If there is a pictogram "This is likely to be used" click it.

Then the following page will be displayed. The material has AI format, JPG format, PNG format, and it is possible to download pictograms in a favorite file format. There are multiple variations on the pictogram, but clicking "Illustrator AI" will be able to download all at once.

When downloading pictograms in JPG / PNG format, you select the ones you want to download from among multiple variations available. This time, click "PNG".

Then the variation of the prepared pictogram will be enlarged. In the pictogram "Queen like S and Mr. 2", the Queen who is trying to knock M with just a whip ... ...

A moment when you hit it

A candle hanging down.

It looks like you are stepping on your feet.

There is also a pictogram that made the Queen more simple design.

It looks like she is hit hard with a whip ... ....

M is a little running away.

It was a very detailed portrayal, such as what was tied up behind the scenes.

If you want to use pictograms, click "Rename and save images" from right click.

In addition, the eight categories of "Sports", "Public & 1.0", "Business", "Emotion", "Women", "Occupation", "Interesting System" and "Others" were shown at the right end of each individual page of each pictogram .

For example, funny is like this.

"Room runner tea ceremony" or ...

"My annual income ..."

There are also pictograms of phrases that are often seen on the net, such as "Gandhi also runs in the runway and hits".

Aliens and zombies are abundant, too.

In addition, "Proposal failure" ... ....

"Fat people to eat too much"

"School caste"

"Really horrible golden ax"

There were also too small pictograms such as "Mari Man".

Sports type is particularly rich in variety. Some baskets, pole vaults, skiing, skating, etc. are displayed, others include "Lipovitan D".

"Public & 1.0" says "children who give seats to the elderly", and pictograms that are detailed but versatile are lined up as depiction.

The "business" category includes besides user-friendly things such as "public information", "business trip", "interview" ... ...

"Rat race" "Tightrope walk part 2" "Stretch in the office", etc. Also, things of fine detail were also mixed.

In the "emotion" category there are "I love you", "pose of a rough hawk", "orz", and so on.

The category "women" looks something like this.

Muslim (Muslima), etc. It seems likely to be quite likely, a pictogram that seems to be useful if there is anything, is clogged.

"Occupation" category includes relatively general items such as "nurse" "lawyer" "movie director" from "radiologic diagnosis" "dairy farmer" "falconer".

"Other" is exactly chaos,Paris's referee, The discovery of the universal gravitation of Newton, "the statue of freedom leading the people" and ...

Pictograms like "mortgage" were treated in the same row.

Attachment materials that can be used with pictograms can also be downloaded.

Attachment | human pictogram 2.0 (free person pictogram material 2.0)

Attachment includes face, hat, hair style ......


Other items etc. Even pictograms are rich in variety, but by using them together with the attachment, the pictograms I wanted were almost momentum likely to be available.

In addition, "You can use it for commercial use even if you do not sell it by material redistribution, material sale site, etc." There is no need to report on use, detailed licensefrom hereYou can read.

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