Siri · Alexa of 3 big AI assistants · Google Assistant asked, "Are you spying about me?"

Amazon, Apple, Google, who is developing AI Assistant, explained that "smart speakers do not always record surrounding sounds", but if you are using smart speakers Should I have thought about once "What if my voice is being eavesdropped?" Then, let's ask the principal directly, so I asked the AI ​​assistant "Are you spying on me?", But the three companies returned different answers.

Are Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant spying on me

In October 2017, Google's smart speaker "Google Home Mini"Recorded the surrounding audio all the time and sent the data to Google. This bug has been fixed soon, but those who use smart speakers equipped with the AI ​​Assistant should have thought "If the voice of my life is eavesdropped?"

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So, CNBC's technology product editorTodd HaseltonHe said that he decided to directly ask the smart speaker "Do you spy me?"

◆ Alexa case

Alexa's response to the question "Are you spying?" Says, "I am sending voice information to Amazon only when you activate me.To get more information from Alexa's app help, Amazon See the privacy notice of " look at "I heard that it returned.

◆ Google Assistant

Google Assistant responded to Ms. Haselton's question as follows. "On Google, your security first takes precedence, and it is very important for Google to put your data privately and safely under your control, for further details see" can know with "

◆ For Siri

Siri's response to the question "Are you spying?" Is just one word, "Nope." There is no island to be attached Siri's response "Have you responded that Siri should also be able to access further information like Amazon and Google," Mr. Haselton recommends.

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America'sNew data released by the Social Security AdministrationAccording to Alexa's appearance in 2015, 6050 girls of newborns were named "Alexa", but in 2017 the number had decreased to 3883 people. Apple's Siri was similar, not originally popular name, but in 2011, 120 of the newborn girls, namely 6 out of 100 thousands were named Siri in 2017 Has decreased to 1 out of 100,000 people.

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