An amazing incident occurred that Amazon Echo sent a conversation that was being intercepted to an addressed party

An incredibly incredible incident occurred that AI speaker "Amazon Echo" equipped with Alexa sent voice data to other people far away without the permission of the conversation in the home without permission.

Woman says her Amazon device recorded private conversation, sent it out to random contact | KIRO-TV

"I felt it was an invasion of complete privacy," said Daniel, who lives in Portland, USA.

Daniel's family conversation was sent to acquaintances by Echo.

In the local news "Kiro 7" of Amazon 's Knitting Seattle who knew about the occurrence of the incident, we report on the case with top news.

Relay from the front of Amazon headquarters. "Amazon has acknowledged the facts that happened in her home and said that" It is a very rare phenomenon and is currently under investigation. "She reveals the truth for all users using Alexa (Echo) I am asking for it. "

Listen to Daniel on Skype with news casters

At Mr. Daniel's house, we set up Echo in every room, and said he was doing air conditioning and lighting on / off by Echo.

"My husband says occasionally" I heard all the conversation, "jokes said."

Such a "fantasy" became a reality was a phone call from Mr. Daniel's husband's colleague. My colleague said, "Turn off the Alexa terminal now!" And revealed that an audio file that recorded the contents of Daniel's home conversation has arrived.

It is a distance of 176 miles (about 280 kilometers) from Portland where Mr. Daniel is home to Seattle where my colleague lives.

Originally, it was Daniel's husband who thought that "there would not be such a thing", but my colleague said that he had made conversation content focus, "You were talking about flooring, right?"

It is no wonder that it will be "Alright!

Daniel, who was sent voice data to his acquaintance registered in the address book, listened to the conversation without permission, felt that "it is a complete invasion of privacy," and unplugged all Echo . "I do not feel like using it again and I can not believe it anymore".

Daniel called Amazon to explain the situation and asked for answers.

"Amazon's engineers confirmed that what happened to us was true and said," I am sorry. "I apologized about 15 times in 30 minutes."

"Did he talk about why it happened?" "He just said" (Alexa) just guessed what we were talking about. "

Kiro 7 also confirmed the contents to Amazon head office.

Amazon's reply says, "Amazon is very serious about privacy, we have confirmed that it was an extremely rare event as a result of investigating what happened, the same thing will happen in the future It is dealing with it to avoid avoiding ".

"Daniel is asking Amazon to refund four Alexa devices"

◆ 2018/05/25 13: 08 Addendum
Washington Post explains why Echo sent home conversations.

An Amazon Echo recorded a family's conversation, then sent it to a random person in their contacts, report says - The Washington Post

According to Amazon survey, Alexa was launched by misunderstanding as "Alexa" wake word in Daniel's conversation. Furthermore, Alexa misunderstood that there was a command of "message transmission" from the conversation, and recorded the conversation. Here, Alexa also knows that it issued a voice confirming the destination of the message, and as a result of judging that it was addressed to a colleague who was somehow addressed, an audio file that recorded the conversation was transmitted It seems to be.

Although it seems that accident occurred by accidental overlapping, since it can happen that "Alexa starts up and speaks at unexpected timing", Amazon wants me to take measures to prevent accidental misfortune by accident.

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