Why do human beings continue to love things "story" for thousands of years?

byMIKI Yoshihito

From the birth of "Gilgamesh epic", which is said to be the oldest literary work in history, from the birth of more than 3000 years ago, the "story" has been constantly loved by people. Among the many disappearing cultures, why the "story" still remains, writer David Robson is approaching a mystery.

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Although it is said that "Gilgamesh epic" is one of the oldest works in human history, a story exists before the character invention, for example, it is about 30,000 years agoLascaux caveYaShweve CaveIt is thought that mural paintings are depictions of scenes of oral stories.

byBayes Ahmed

If you consider the story as escape from reality, it may only be a waste of time and energy in the evolutionary point of view, but literary and psychologists find potential interests by immersing in the story I will. The story spun with common ideas allows us to simulate the world around us and imagine different circumstances. This makes people sympathize andTheory of mindYou can do the practice.

As evidence of this theory, it is indicated by brain scan that various regions of the cortex, which are considered to be involved in social and emotional processing, are activated when reading or listening to stories.

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Professor Daniel Krueger of the University of Michigan says that the ability of storytelling and the stories told there may have evolved as a means of learning how to cooperate in society and conveying the correct social norms.

Likewise, Professor Daniel Smith of the University of London visited 18 tribes of the Philippines, the differences in the tendency of stories talked by tribes and the strength of their stubbornness tells how cooperative they are I clarified on the survey that it is related to points.

The story that has been read for hundreds of years and thousands of years is not only historically meaningful, it also has common universal elements in modern times, and it stimulates the common mind theory of people. Reading and watching movies with a strong sense of personal hobby intensify our empathy and social nature to others.


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