NEOGEO's reprint version "Neo Geo Mini" is an arcade-type mini game machine leak information

In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of SNK, we anticipated the release of "a new game machine that contained popular titles of NEOGEO", but YouTuber's Sponwave /Neo Geo Mini(Tentative name) ", we are disclosing information anonymously received.

SNK Neo Geo Mini Revealed (Exclusive) - YouTube

SNK JAPAN on April 18, 2018, had carried out a tweet to notice the emergence of a new game machine on the 40th anniversary. "Nintendo Classic MiniAs well as NEOGEO and others, I was expecting to release a small reprint game machine (Neo Geo Mini).

Mr. Wave said that he obtained exclusive information on Neo Geo Mini by e-mail from "reliable information source".

This is Neo Geo Mini. It has a miniature version of an arcade game machine, it has a joystick and a 2 + 2 button, as well as a 3.5 inch display.

Neo Geo Mini is a machine equipped with a display and a controller, but it is possible to attach a display and a controller externally with an external port.

Corresponding game pad

And, 40 types of titles installed in Neo Geo Mini look like this. You can check each series of the King of Fighters (KOF), Fatal Fury legend, Samurai spirits, Metal slug in tweet of SNK JAPAN.

Although Neo Geo Mini is recording a fulfilling title, the price is relatively high as it is equipped with a display, Mr. Wave predicts from $ 100 (about 11,000 yen) to 150 dollars (about 16,000 yen) It is. Although it is a leak from reliable information sources, it is unknown to the extent that it is true or false. According to Mr. Wave, "If this movie is withdrawn, I think that this information is 100% correct."

◆ 2018/05/10 added
There was an official announcement of "NEOGEO mini" from SNK JAPAN.

"NEOGEO mini" is a game machine with 40 built-in masterpieces and masterpiece titles from among the varied lineup of the game platform "NEOGEO" born in 1990. The game machine body has a 3.5-inch liquid crystal display and you can enjoy your favorite game without connecting it to the TV monitor. It is a compact size to ride in the palm, and the exterior design is prepared in two types: the Japanese version (sold in Japan, Asia region) and the overseas version (sold in North America, Europe and other regions). The Japanese version was designed with blue, white, red color scheme, with the motif of NEOGEO's arcade cabinet which appeared in the 1990's. Overseas version is a simple, modern design based on black, white, blue.

Please enjoy NEOGEO's masterpiece masterpiece title "NEOGEO mini" which is still fading still.
In addition, details of "NEOGEO mini" release timing and recorded titles will be announced in the future so please expect it.

Leak information was found in overseas version "NEOGEO mini", Japanese version with different colors also appeared. It appears as a retro game machine with 40 masterpieces of arcade cabinet type.

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