The villain who draws pictures with HTML / CSS has released his work

I am drawing with spreadsheet software Excel "Excel's Michelangelo"There are artists that maximize the possibilities of software, like" Former chief technical officer of former KickstarterAndy BioMr. introduces work by craftsmen who creates beautiful pictures with HTML / CSS handwritten code only on Twitter.

Diana Smith | Software Engineer | cyanharlow @ GitHub

I introduced the illustration that Mr. Bio was made with CSS on Twitter.

When you open the following page in the browser, you can display the work made with CSS.

I made this illustrationDiana SmithMr. At first glance the picture which looks like what you created with drawing software ...

It is said that it is created by handwriting code with CSS all.

The picture changes according to the interpretation of the CSS of the browser. It's a mobile version of Safari like this.

It is like this in Chrome 17.

Display in Firefox 3.6

Display on Chrome 9

With Internet Exproler 5.1.7, it has become unclear what is any longer.

Creating with CSS is a hard to believe picture, but you can change the picture by modifying the code.

Mr. Smith, who has skilled skills to call it as a CSS illustration craftsman, has also released other works.

Mr. Smith publishes tools for making CSS illustration on the GitHub page below, so if you are interested, please refer.

Diana Smith | Software Engineer | cyanharlow @ GitHub

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