Ultimate Destopia City "Magna Santi" with a population of over 6 million people produced by Sim City

City-run simulation game "Sim City 3000Players created a huge city "Magna Santi" with a population of 6 million people. Although Magna Santi has been thoroughly managed by police power and maintains the number of crime occurrences 0, residents will end their lifetime without leaving the city one step, such as appearing in movies and novelsDystopiaIt is said that it is a city.

Magnasanti: The Largest and Most Terrifying SimCity | Rumors on the Internets

"Sim CitySeries is a city management simulation game that creates a city of its own, develops infrastructure such as transportation facilities and electric power, and develops it while coping with crime, pollution, disaster, etc. However, Vincent Oskara, who was studying architecture at the university, seems to have come up with using "Sim City 3000", the third series, as a means to express art, not just a simulation game.

The city Magna Santi actually designed by Mr. Oscara is like this. I do not understand something if I look at the far eye ... ...

As you expand, you can see that the buildings with the same shape are evenly lined and dense.

Oskara built multiple cities experimentally to build Magna Santi. Magna Santi who can collect more than 9 million people over two years or more by collecting results obtained through experiments of more than a year and a half such as the law of population increase and movement of people, It was said that it designed.

"Line symmetric and round design expresses the evil intent to enslave every citizen forever," Oskara said.

There is no useless building in the city "Magna Santi" made by Oscara. Magna Santi's water and electricity are supplied from the neighboring town. There is not a single road, and the subway which is tightly stretched under the city is the only means of transportation.

There is no air pollution control at Magna Santi, medical facilities and firefighting facilities do not exist. The police deter crime by thorough monitoring and remove citizens' free will. In this way Mr. Oscara succeeded in raising the population to the maximum while minimizing the "quality of life" of the citizen. However, the life of the residents of Magna Santi is short, and it seems that it will not exceed 60 years old.

Oskara said, "There are no people coming in and out of Magna Santi, the growth of the population is stagnating because the workplace is within walking distance and the residents do not have to travel a long distance, no matter where you go, It is like going to a place. "The graph which actually displayed the population and unemployment rate on a yearly basis has almost no movement and is almost horizontal.

In addition, Mr. Oscara has released a movie with a look at how to make Magna Santi, a huge city that I made over 4 years.


"The control of air pollution, unemployment rate, lifestyle style is" consideration paid by residents to live in Magna Santi. "Since police power controls abnormally efficiently the residents, it is a physical reason such as revolution and strike Nobody thinks of trying to counter the urban system by means, they are slaves who are talking mouth, suffering from illness, keeping the urban system for fifty thousand years and being imprisoned in the spacetime. " "Oscara says.

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