Indian politicians argue that "it was ancient Indians who invented the Internet"

The Internet was invented since the latter half of the 20th century and is the concept that became the source of the InternetTime sharing systemWas born in the 1960's from the idea of ​​"speeding up processing by connecting multiple computers to the mainframe". However, "It is talked about Indian politicians claiming that" Inventing the Internet was an ancient Indian. "

Ancient India Invented the Internet, a Politician Claims - The Atlantic

The Internet was invented by Americans as an attempt to connect a plurality of computers to a mainframe and to speed up processing, and research was conducted to connect a plurality of computers with each other by British and French. However, in IndiaTriplaServe as a governorVibrab Kumar · Deb"Indian technology has been developed and refined very much since ancient times,MahabharataI had the Internet and the satellite communication system from the era of the year. "

Mahabharata is a national epic of India, talked about the great war of ancient India from the beginning of the world. Mr. Deb said the king drawn on Mahabharata was able to grasp the status of his battle in real time in the Internet system created by an ancient Hindu.

In Indian social media, Mr. Deb said, although at first it gave rise to remarks that could raise distrust of Mr. Deb, but gradually the ridiculous tone has increased. "Social media responds to Governor Torripra 's "Internet Maher' s Barrata Origin Theory""Dear Triple Governor, you are right. The Internet happened in the era of MahabharataVarious responses such as "Reaction" are gathered around the net, and it is a user of RedditCuriousNoobKidSaid "An ancient IndianTorrentPosted a neta image entitled "Technology".

Mr. Deb is currently Indian Prime MinisterNarendra ModiThe ruling coalition government,Indian People's PartyHe is a politician. The Indian People's Party is a political party with a moderate Hinduism supremacy, repeatedly criticizing Christianity and Islam as "not meeting Indian values", while also actively involved in separation of church and caste I have that.

"Every Indian should have a common recognition that" India is the best country in the world "and I am proud that the old India had technology that was not found in other countries" Mr. Deb said, Indian insists it should be more proud of his culture and history.

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