Why are many flowers blooming in the spring?

byAlex Block

When spring comes, colorful flowers bloom. This is due to the fact that many flowers bloom from germination within one year,Annual plantIt is because the flowers will bloom in the spring and concentrate on making next-generation seeds. However, plants were originally "Perennial plantIt is thought that it was.

Why do some flowers return each spring? - The Washington Post

Perennial plants are literally surviving plants over a number of years. Even if it says "perennial" in a bite, "evergreen grass" which keeps green leaves attached throughout the year, "earthly green" in the season that is disadvantageous to growth There is "part of the root" where the part that comes out withers and spends only with rhizomes and roots.

However, if it is perennial it will consume a lot of energy to survive, and if the growing area is water shortage there is a possibility that sufficient energy can not be obtained. So, to ensure the generation of the next generation even with a small amount of energy, the power to grow root and stem is all an annual plant that plants on flowering and fruiting. For these reasons, plants in rainy tropical regions are generally perennial.

byCharlie Harutaka

To the contrary, research is being carried out to put an effort into growing stems and roots rather than flowering, by putting in the DNA of annual plants, making it perennial. If successful, James Boyer at the New York Botanical Gardens, for example, corn farmers can change the agricultural system as a whole as it is not necessary to buy and plant seeds from a seed company as annually, he says.

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