"Super Mario Odyssey" where thousands of players can play at the same time appears, aiming to clear Mario by manipulating Mario from anyone who can participate

In Twitch, a distribution platform specialized in games, a project aiming at clearing the game by manipulating the game with commands entered on the chat has appeared, and so farPokémonYadark soulHave been played by multiple people's unknown viewers. As the latest version of this project, the game for Nintendo Switch "Super Mario OdysseyThere are thousands of viewers who operate with chat, and Mario is fighting adventure to help Princess Peach while struggling.

communitycontroller - Twitch

The state of actual play can be viewed from the following.

Twitch's screen looks something like this. The super mario odyssey game screen being played is displayed in the center of the screen, and the command to operate Mario is written at the bottom of the screen. A chat from the viewer is displayed at the right end of the screen, and you will be manipulating Mario with the operation command that flowed here.

The operation command looks something like this. It is OK if you type the A / B / X / Y button of the controller in chat with "A" "B" "X" "Y" respectively. Commands are in text format, and in addition to movement related commands such as "Look Left" and "Move Forward", "Ground Pound (hip drop)" and "Dive It is also possible to execute an action that requires pressing multiple buttons consecutively with one command.

In the chat field, commands such as "Move Right (move to the right)" are lined up like this, but some of the comments such as "Why are you stopping? Some people are posting.

As many commands flow at once, it is rare for Mario to move as you want, so in the room where the treasure box was placed as follows, you want to open the treasure box but you can not move from the corner of the room Often too.

In the meantime, the movie below when you get one power moon with the power of many viewers together.

You can get power moon when Mario hits and drops on the gleaming ground visible on the upper left of the screen.

Mario gradually approaches the destination.

However, it repeatedly repeats hip drops in completely different places.

I think whether I came to the immediate side of the whimsically shining ground ......

Hip drop on the spot. It seems necessary to move to the right a bit.

However Mario will stop moving on the spot.

After gradually shifting the position to the right, the power moon appears at last.

And get. Although it is a movie that extracted only the moment of getting power moon, Mario does not move as expected, but scenes that are scary are few, but overseas game mediaAccording to KotakuIt seems that it took 5 hours to actually get this power moon.

Super Mario Odyssey is able to restart the game immediately after Mario loses its life by only fewer coins collected and the power moon that needs to be gathered to advance the game is also difficult to collect There is no need to gather all of that quite a difference. So, as many times as Mario dies, you can start redoing and you can not proceed with the power moon, which is difficult to get, so you can leave the game and leave thousands of chats to manipulate Mario so you can not precisely move precisely at Twitch It may be compatible with playing.

Nevertheless it took about 30 hours to clear "Waterfall Country Dyna Four" for about 10 hours to clear the first stage "Hat Country Cabrone", so it is still quite a while until we regain Princess Peach. It seems necessary.

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