Eating the world's hotest pepper found a bad effect on the brain and it turned out to be attacked by "thunder headache"

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As "the world's hardest pepper" to be registered in the Guinness world record in 2013 "Carolina · ReaperThe male who ate the blood flow disorder in the brain and evolved into a situation of being suffering from a severe headache.

An unusual cause of thunder clap headache after eating the hottest pepper in the world - "The Carolina Reaper" - Boddhula et al. 2018 - BMJ Case Reports

Eating world's hottest pepper sparks brain disorder, thunderclap headaches | Ars Technica

Pepper's hotness is "Scoville"Jarapeño will be 5000 Scoville and Red Jalapeno will be 200,000 Scoville when the spiciness of the green peppers is" 0 Scoville "but Carolina · Reaper is far above the Red Jalapeno 1.569 million Scoville Is recorded. In 2017 Carolina · Reaper, who was raised in South Carolina, recorded 1.64 million Scoville. Carolina · Reaper is often treated in the context of "punishment game" and "challenge", but producer Ed Carrie says, "Eating extremely hot peppers is not a dangerous act."

However, a 34-year-old man who took part in the champagne-eating competition began to breathe out immediately after eating Carolina · Reaper, and he felt pain at the neck and back of the head. The range of pain has expanded and it seems that it turned into a severe headache that continues from the next day for several days. This headache suddenly attacked men in the day and peaked within 60 minutes after headache started. Also, headache was accompanied by nausea, signs such as cerebral haemorrhage, brain infection, cerebrospinal fluid leakage, changes in mental state, seizures, fever.

Although the man headed to the hospital, his remarks were unclear and his vision was not lost, blood pressure was 134/69 mmHg, although it was a little high, but it was not a big problem, so doctors and others finished the problem He said that he did not. It seems that the results of the CT scan seemed to have no problem at the beginning both at the neck and the head.

However, if you look closely at the results of the scan, there are strangely narrow blood vessels in the brain, and the doctorReversible cerebral vasospasm syndrome(RCVS) as a result. RCVS is a disease that develops with a severe headache called "thunder headache" due to vascular stenosis and is thought to occur in connection with incentives such as drug administration. Normally, patients with RCVS will recover with the passage of time, but what is causing recovery is unknown at the time of article creation.

bySimon Rae

Doctors wrote that there were no cases in which RCVS was caused by red peppers, doctors wrote, but there are cases where Carolina · Reaper provokes spasm and heart attack in blood vessels. Principal component that brings pungent taste to chilliCapsaicinBecause it acts on the sympathetic nervous system, it is said that this is the cause.

The treatment of RCVS is that there is only observation and "breaking the substance considered to be the cause". Men disappear blood vessel constriction in the inspection from RCVS onset after 5 weeks, it has been reported that headaches were also gone.

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