Literally 'hot enough to die' chili peppers appeared, their spicyness exceeded Guinness

"Peppermint in the world" and certified as Guinness World Records "Capsicum"Carolina · Reaper"Capsicum of spicy beyond that has appeared. "Dragon's Breath chile"People who ate pepper named after burning the airway burned down and there was a possibility that symptoms such as anaphylactic shock would occur and it could lead to death.

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Capsicum which newly recorded the hotness of the world in the world is the "Dragon's Breath chile" varieties with the word "dragon's breath" as its name. A unit for measuring hotness of pepperScoville valueIt is said that the Scoville value of peppers is 0, Habanero is 300 thousand, but the Scoville value of Dragon's Breath chile recorded 2.48 million. This means that "it is necessary to dilute 2.48 million times with water so as not to feel the capsaicin of Dragon's Breath chile with the tongue".

The figure of 2.48 million Scoville is a value exceeding 2.2 million Scoville recorded by the capsicum "Carolina · Reaper" certified as Guinness World Record as "the hardest pepper in the world" in 2013.

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The concentrate paste used in "18 hanburger" that a person who is peeled with white eyes and carried by an ambulance has 700 to 9 million Scoville.

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Dragon's Breath chile was developed by farmer Mike Smith and researchers at Nottingham University in the UK. When Mr. Smith actually gnawed the tip of Dragon's Breath chile, he says "It seemed that my tongue was burned many times," he says, "It is not suitable for edible use."

Dragon's Breath chile, which is literally "as hard as it can die", is a goal for medical use in the future. Patients who can not use anesthetics because of allergies exist around the world, but because Dragon's Breath chile is so hot that it can paralyze the skin, if oil extracted from Dragon's Breath chile can be used as an alternative to anesthetic It is thought that it is thought. Also, for economic reasons it is expected that it can be used in places where anesthetics can not be used.

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