As a topic that an 18-year-old high school student produced his original prosthetic hand to his father in a 3D printer and gave it

Through 3D printers, everyone can easily produce three-dimensional objects at low cost. In the GIGAZINE editorial department, in the pastI repaired the broken parts of the projector screen with a 3D printer and output itSometimes. In the meantime, the news that American high school students assembled parts printed with 3D printers, made artificial prostheses, gifts for the father who lost his right arm has become a hot topic.

High school student learns to use 3-D printer to make an arm for his father |

BBC - Future - The teen who built a prosthetic arm for his dad

It is an 18-year-old lobby, Fly who goes to high school in Missouri state in the USA.

When his father, Mr. Jason Fry, was sent to Iraq as a marine, he lost half ahead of his right elbow due to the attack of the anti-tank gun. Because Jason can not have a controller, the lobby was unable to play with his father in a video game for over 10 years.

Lobby, who wanted to learn robotics at university, thought of making a prosthetic hand with a 3D printer for his father as part of his paper preparation. So, first of all, you can just play with your left handJoy-Con adapter of Nintendo SwitchDesigned and gifted. Thanks to that it is now possible to play video games with parents and children again.

Furthermore, Mr. Lobby released data of his own Joy-Con adapter and heard that the father of a 21-year-old Air Force soldier and a daughter who suffered from cerebral palsy had said that they used this one-hand Joy-Con holder Thing.

And taking advantage of the data and experience gained by the Joy - Con holder, the lobby copied the father 's left hand in line symmetry and created a movable prosthetic hand based on that data.

The fingers of the prosthesis are movable, it seems possible if you hold the ball of baseball.

There is no possibility that the artificial arm does not slip out despite the desire to wear it. Thanks to the prosthetic hand made by the lobby, it became possible to catch a ball with parents and children.

Lobby who studied robot engineering, accumulated experience of 3D printer, realized catch ball with father seems to visit other schools, give a lecture, and try to increase students who are interested in engineering even a little.

"I design one thing and send it to someone by e-mail so that I can help people all over the world, which is the power of engineering," says the lobby.

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