A woman bitten by a bee at a "health law that sticks a bee's needle into a body" will result in death

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Transmitted to the worldFolk remedyThere are a variety of things in it, but in that there is something called "stinging a bee's needle". Such a "folk remedy which uses a bee's needle"Api Therapy"The accident that a woman bitten by a bee died has been reported".

Death due to Live Bee Acupuncture Apitherapy
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Woman dies from bee-sting therapy that Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow promote | Ars Technica

A 55-year-old woman who lives in Spain was reported to have died, he said he had repeatedly been treated with a bee stinging "api therapy" needle in order to eliminate stress and muscle stiffness. Api Therapy has been widespread recently as a popular alternative treatment for rich people around the world, is an American actressGwyneth PaltrowHe is known for his support.

Api therapist supporters complain that they can expect effects on body inflammation, pain, skin diseases, etc. by taking insect poisons into the body by api therapy. However, it is said that the efficacy of api therapy is scarcely evidenced by experts "Api therapy is dangerousSometimes it sounded a warning bell. What was regarded as the most dangerous is "People who have never been stung by a bee have repeatedly toxic poisons,Anaphylactic shockIt will increase the possibility of causing ".

In 2015, the research team of Korea conducted a survey on 145 api-therapy therapies, and as a result, the research results that "the possibility that a patient is harmfully affected by api therapy is high"Announcing. In the research, there was also a case where a 21-year-old person died of anaphylactic shock after being stabbed "coincidence" bee a year after he / she received api therapy, "The risk of causing anaphylactic shock by api therapy is high" And that.

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In the case of women who reported death this time, they seem to have been doing api therapy that honey bees needle on the body every four weeks continuously for 2 years. After doing api therapy as usual, women started trouble breathing, and eventually lost consciousness.

A clinic where a woman received api-therapy is not ready for such an emergency situation, and relieves inflammation in women in clinicsMethyl prednisoloneIt seems that he could only treat prescription level. To a woman who arrived an ambulance after 30 minutes and whose systolic blood pressure had already decreased to 42 mmHg (normally 90 to 110 mmHg is regarded as an average), the emergency room will promptly inject adrenaline and saline,CorticosteroidThe treatment such as administration of it was given.

Although the blood pressure and heart rate were settled temporarily in the ambulance, a woman who had caused a stroke from a severe anaphylactic shock was said to have fallen into a coma. It is reported that a woman passed away several weeks later due to multiple organ dysfunction.

byKris Fricke

For this case doctors said, "If it is prepared for an emergency at an api therapy clinic, it may have been possible to save a woman," while comparing the merits and disadvantages obtained by api therapy in the first place If you do, you can not recommend getting api therapy.

However, api therapy is a popular alternative medicine for the rich world of the world, the British royal familyCatherine PrincessAnd singers'Victoria BeckhamThey said that they are supporting the products that use honey poison.

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