Why do we need assistance for developing countries for the development of the world?

ByNana B Agyei

It is said that improving the economic situation of poor people living in developing countries is a short cut to develop the world better. Many people are hard to imagine why support to developing countries will lead to development. I upload a lot of movies that scientifically and logically describe daily questions on YouTubeKurzgesagtIt explains in an easy-to-understand manner.

A Selfish Argument for Making the World a Better Place - Egoistic Altruism - YouTube

Looking back on the history of human beings, until recently most people were engaged in agriculture.

Total production of the world economy was almost the same as agricultural total production ......

Over the long term, there was no change in the economic scale of the year.

When comparing the economic scale to pie, since the size of pie was always fixed, the worldZero sum gamewas.

When trying to live a good life in such a world ... ...

There is no way but to make others unhappy. If you want a lot of food, plundering was the right strategy.

For thousands of years, society is absorbed in pi's competition ... ...

There was an unequal society in which there was what he had and what he did not have.

However, everything will change as the industrial revolution occurs.

As mechanization progresses, the harvest volume increases, further the use of fertilizer advances, food production dramatically improves.

Besides the increase in food production, all industrial fields grow explosively.

Between 1700 and 1870 the British iron production is 137 times ... ...

Before the Industrial Revolution, it brought about incredible economic growth.

And this is the world from the zero sum game "Plusum game(Positive sum game) ".

We have discovered ways to keep pies growing like every year, and now we can get big pie individually. And this development is still expanding now.

The era that antibiotics kill bacteria, power plants supply electricity, people connect with mobile phones, travel with cheap fares, and can store food in the refrigerator is felt like a common era But……

The change from the era of zero sum game to the era of plus thumbnail game was the most dramatic change in human history.

The shadow of this huge change is technological innovation.

As technology innovation progresses ...

You will be able to understand solutions that you have not known until now, and it will also lead to finding more complex and interesting problems.

When a general Norwegian citizen of the 1760s travels a long distance, they are looking for superior shoes.

In the 1860's seeking a bicycle ......

If it is in 1930, it is a car.

In the 1980's the plane and the demands of people do not know where to stay.

This is because technological innovation makes it possible to see ways to improve things, so it can be said that new demands are born as progress progresses.

However, the history of the plus sum game is still shallow and we are not familiar with that era.

In order to make a better life for everyone in the world of plus thumb games, each one needs to pursue profit selfishly. For example, prosperous people in unfamiliar countries are good things that lead to their happiness.

This is because technological innovationDemand and supplyIt is because it has the property that it consists of.

If more people gain freedom and education, the population of "inventors", "researchers", "technicians" and "thoughters" will increase and the supply of new ideas will also increase.

And as people become able to live a rich life ... ...

Demand for new ideas will increase, and the market for technological innovation will expand. And, if even higher purchasing power is expected, more revolutionaries gather and a wonderful idea should come out.

Consider cancer treatment as an example.

Suppose there are 1 billion people in the world who make money to treat cancer.

If several tens of trillion yen will be invested in medical research in response to this demand, it will produce a huge effect, but not all cancers will be treated.

As of 2018, 1 in 6 people have died of cancer, and we may be one of them.

If 7 billion people give money to cancer treatment ......

Will medicine progress?

Currently, labor of poor peasants in developing countries will not directly lead to our interests.

Their lives improved ... ...

If that child goes to college and contributes to development, it will lead to our profit.

Current situation that only developed countries are hot spots of technological innovation ......

If we can spread it all over the world, the research results of mankind will increase by many times.

About cancer treatment ......

If you invest 7 times as much money and the number of researchers will increase sevenfold, it is no doubt that medical research will make tremendous progress.

In other words, the more people want the same thing, the more likely it will be realized. This is living the world of plusum games.

Space plan exists for each of billions of people living in Africa and Asia ... ...

With demand for satellites, lunar bases and Mars cities, space travel will be realized faster.

If those people made money on medical research ......

There is a possibility that any disease can be cured.

The better the lives of people all around the world, the future will lead to your own benefit, the faster you realize it will be useful to you.

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