In the VR appeared, "I tried to make a system that can do with girls", a two-level stance of hardware and software

A villain who actually made a system appeared in order to realize the person's dream that "I really want to enjoy sex with anime characters and game characters that do not exist!" This system, according to the movement of the character in the VR spaceOnahoruAlthough it is simple seemingly to link it, it is said that it is an extremely dish that pursued reality to the most, such as the installation of an odor device and the ability to set the strength to hit the waist up to 30 kg or more.

【VR Onaho】 I made a system that can do with girls I created VR masturbator. - YouTube

If you are a science student, why did you choose this new study? "" What is happy? "" There are times when you are subject to stormy storms such as "Is there a repeatability?"

I can not answer these questions well, and if I poured oil into the fire it gets harder to throw out ... ...

Some people feel that "I want a cute girl to be kindly comforted."

But without her, we will not talk.

Even those who do not have a girl in VR space ...

If possible, I would like to do something wrong.

Mr. Fumi who posted a video there developed a system that sex with a girl in VR space.

This system is to place a girl's model in the VR space and move the mahorah up and down synchronously with movement.

For implementation of VR spaceGame EngineofUnityIt is said that it adopted.

In the software part,Head Mounted Display (HMD)It seems to be doing point of view control, character display & animation, speech recognition, control of mahrh fixed devices, and odor device control.

In other words, since it enables voice operation, it is possible to enjoy games hand-free.

A program such as a psychological state is implemented in the character in the VR space, so if you continue looking at the face, you look away from the eyes or on the contrary, so that it behaves like an actual girl It is programmed.

If you bring your face closer, you may also kiss you.

Characters appearing in the VR space,ImagineGirlsWe have adopted the iris which is published in.

Next, it is the specification of the hardware.

Parts that move the onahole up and down ......

3DCADDesigned using 3D printer, we are building parts.

Since the onahole is fixed by using pneumatic pressure, it can be installed even if it is not exclusive.

Furthermore, the tightening pressure of the Onahoru can be controlled by the game, and it seems that the game side can also grasp the timing and strength etc. of inserting the genitals by the player.

It seems that commitment also exists in the operation of the onahole, it adopts AC motor of home appliances with power by silent operation, achieving torque of more than 30 kg and a stroke speed of 3.5 times per second, the stroke distance of the onahole is about It was set to 8 cm.

The control box is responsible for control of the motor that moves the mahrh, rotation angle detection, pneumatic control, information linkage with the game, various information display and so on.

Also supports emergency stops in emergency.

The position when you actually play is like this, there is an odor device under the HMD to be worn on the face, it seems to be a mechanism that the fragrance component comes out when the face is brought close to the character. In addition, the operating device of the onahole opens its legs and gets caught between the crotch. For safety, it seems necessary to always keep emergency stop switch in hand.

It seems that the delay time between the operation of the onahole and the movement of the character in the VR space seems to be suppressed within 5 mm / sec, and the movement of the character and the movement of the onahole are synchronized. Furthermore, since the power to hit the waist is more than 30 kg, you can enjoy the play with realism beyond the immersive feeling.

In the future, he seems to think that he wants to advance improvement, such as implementing character making and monitoring vital sensors such as Apple Watch to improve player interactivity.

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