A start-up to prepare for cryogenic preservation of the whole brain appears, but if treatment is given, it will result in 100% death


The idea of ​​"uploading human consciousness to a computer" is not only the world of science fiction but also ideas that scientists dream of. Although there is something technically impossible yet, there is a service that will "preserve the whole human brain for a long time frozen in case the upload of consciousness to the computer becomes possible in the future" Startup "NectomeWe are announcing that it plans to offer.

Startup can preserve your brain for future upload, but it's '100 percent fatal'

Our human brain has more than 100 billionNeuron(Nerve cells) are intertwined complicatedly and constitute a huge neural circuit. Then, one that summarizes more than 1 trillion connections of nerves like a map is called "Connectome"Is called. Connectome ended deciphering in 2003Human genomeIt is far more complicated information and it takes a considerable amount of time to analyze it, but by reproducing Connectome in the computer,Reasoning that human consciousness can be reproduced on computerIt has also been cast.

Nectome plans to offer a service to frozen and preserve the brain's fine structure in preparation for the future where Connectem is fully analyzed and human consciousness can be reproduced in the computer It is that.GlutaraldehydePour the drug into the fresh brain through the blood vessel, then freeze the antifreeze and then freeze "Aldehyde stabilized frozen storageIt is said that it is possible to save the brain for hundreds of years with the technology called ASC.


However, since ASC is not a cryopreservation method intended for resuscitation, subjects naturally die from biology when receiving ASC's long-term preservation treatment of the brain. But the president of The Brain Preservation Foundation and neuroscientist Ken Hayworth said, "Even if the brain is dead, it's like the computer's power is simply turned off, and information is lost from the brain As it says, "Connecting, which will be the basis of consciousness, will continue to be preserved even if it dies.

Actually, Nectome has already succeeded in acquiring the corpse of an elderly woman in February 2018 and putting its brain in a state that it can be preserved for a long time with ASC. The brain of the female was treated in 2.5 hours after death and became the brain which was treated as ASC for the first time as the human brain. In the actual brain image with the following published, you can see with mosaic off when clicking.

However, Nectome has not established 100% refrigeration preservation technology, and official service has not been provided yet. However, applicants can book a plan by paying $ 10,000 (about 1.1 million yen) to Nectome, and if they change their ideas after reservation they will respond to 100% refund as well. At the time of writing the article said that 25 people are subscribing to Nectome, among which it will contribute to NectomeY CombinatorFounder'sThere is also a name of Mr. Sam Altman.

However, there is an opinion that such movement of Nectome is urgent. Ken Hayworth pointed out, "It is ethically problematic that some services can be reserved before being posted in a medical journal," and furthermore, "to aid the person who commits suicide by the name of protecting the brain I am worried that it will not happen. " Nectome accepted these criticisms and changed the slogan of the company to the expression "to save your consciousness" to "to commit to your goal of preserving your consciousness".

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