Power Delivery compatible with up to 30 W power supply Desktop USB quick charger with USB Type-C port "Anker PowerPort I PD with 1 PD & 4 PIQ" review

From Wednesday, March 14, 2018, the latest rapid charging standard "Power Delivery"Desktop USB quick charger that can supply a total of 60 watts"Anker PowerPort I PD with 1 PD & 4 PIQ"Appears from Anker. Since I got a model that one USB Type-C port was loaded and I was able to charge up to 30 W to a MacBook or smartphone as soon as possible, I actually touched it.

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Anker PowerPort I PD with 1PD & 4PIQ outer box looks like this.

I opened the box and tried out the contents. Body · Instructions · Contacts for support · AC cable · Band that binds the cord · Double sided tape for fixing the charger was enclosed.

I tried the main body of PowerPort I PD. The body has "ANKER" and a logo engraved. The weight of the main body is 213 grams, so even if you have it with one hand it is not particularly heavy. The matted black surface is slightly rough feel.

It is about a size to ride one hand, because it does not get too disturbing on the desk, it has become a compact size. If you compare it with iPhone X with long side 143.6 mm and thickness 7.7 mm, you can understand its size well.

One side of the main body had one USB Type-C port and four USB Type-A ports.

On the side of the opposite side, the outlet of the AC cable has been placed.

On the back of the main unit are the product number, input / output current / voltage,CE markIt was written such as.

The length of the AC cable was about 130 cm.

I will actually try using it. First I tried connecting the Nexus 6P equipped with the USB Type-C port, USB Power Delivery worked, and "Quick Charging" was displayed on the screen.

Between Nexus 6P and chargerUSB Type-C voltage / current checkerWhen we measured the voltage and the current, the voltage was about 5.0 V and the current was about 1 A recorded.

The battery of Nexus 6P was 0%, but it reached 100% in 1 hour 38 minutes after charging started.

If I connected the MacBook to the Type - C port, I was able to output up to 30 W with the Power Delivery function, so I tried connecting and measuring the Retina 12 inch · 2015 model of MacBook.

The remaining capacity of the battery is 51%, the voltage is about 20 V, the current is around 1.4 A, and the output that is output is 20 V × 1.4 A = 28 W. The number close to the maximum output is surely recorded I will.

This time I tried charging Nexus 6 and iPhone X from the four USB Type-A ports that are installed. A function called PowerIQ is installed in 4 ports of 5 V · maximum of 2.4 A, and it supplies the optimum current to the connected device. First, connect only Nexus 6,USB simple voltage / current checkerI check the voltage and current using the following image. The voltage was measured at about 5.2 V and the current was about 1.4 A. The output is 5.2 V × 1.4 A = about 7.3 W.

Next time, connect iPhone X only, check voltage and current. The voltage was measured at about 5.2 V and the current was about 1.7 A. The output is 5.2 V x 1.7 A = about 8.8 W, which is slightly higher than Nexus 6.

In addition, we measured each output when connecting Nexus 6 and iPhone X at the same time.

While charging at the same time, when measuring with the voltage / current checker attached to the USB of Nexus 6, the voltage is about 5.2 V, the current is about 1.4 A, and compared with the case of charging alone The output was not falling.

Nexus 6, which had a 14% battery charge, was able to charge up to 100% in 2 hours 17 minutes.

The iPhone X measurement result also showed that the voltage was about 5.2 V and the current was about 1.8 A, and the output was almost unchanged when it was charged alone.

IPhone X which was 13% was able to charge up to 91% in about 1 hour 40 minutes.

Actually using the Anker PowerPort I PD with 1 PD & 4 PIQ, it was possible to charge up to 90% of the remaining battery charge in less than 2 hours with 3 kinds of terminals, and it was certainly fast charging. It is also a pleasing point to correspond to the fast charging function "Power Delivery" supported by MacBook. In addition, it is possible to output up to 60 W total for a total of up to 30 W at 4 ports, so even if you actually charge multiple smartphones at the same time, the output will not be changed strangely and you can charge without problems It was.

In addition, the impression that it is compact in size and weight is modest and portability is excellent. Therefore, you can also expect to use such as charging a smartphone at the same time as a friend with a hotel at a travel destination. However, since the main body shape is a rectangular parallelepiped and it is slightly difficult to stand on the desk as it is, if you actually put it on a desk, lay it down or fix it with the supplied double-sided tape It's awesome.

Anker PowerPort I PD with 1PD & 4PIQ is 3499 yen including tax, and it can be obtained from some home appliance mass retailers from Wednesday, March 14, 2018. It can also be obtained from the following Amazon.co.jp page.

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