Uber announces "Uber Health" service that carries patients to hospital, effective for prevention of patient cancers

Uber, a dispatch service, can arrange cars at medical institutions "Uber Health"Has been released. Health professionals are dedicated dashboards and patients can arrange for Uber even without smartphones.

Introducing Uber Health, Removing Transportation as a Barrier to Care | Uber Newsroom

In the United States there are 3.6 million cases a year that patients can not come to the hospital at the medical time designated as a doctor because the patient does not have a suitable means of transport. It seems that the percentage of patients who do not come to the doctor as scheduled is as high as 30% at the national level, which is a big problem not only for patients but also for medical institutions.

"Uber Health" newly started by Uber is a service that can arrange Uber cars at medical institutions. You can arrange for immediate delivery for patients, as well as arrangements tailored to the next appointment date and time you decide after consultation. You can arrange for Uber car at the date up to 30 days ahead. The price is the same as usual Uber. In addition, for patients who do not have smartphones, an option to send text messages to SMS to mobile phones is scheduled to be introduced.

Dedicated dashboard applications are distributed to medical institutions, and you can arrange multiple Uber cars from a single dashboard at the same time, and check the usage situation of each patient. Uber has also released "Uber Health API", it is also possible to link various healthcare and Uber Health services within a medical facility.

Uber stated that it has implemented and customized safety measures that comply with medical insurance interoperability and accountability (HIPAA) standards, and carries out comprehensive risk assessment of services with HIPAA's compliance counterpart, Clearwater Compliance It is said that it was. We have already conducted tests with more than 100 medical institutions in the United States such as hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, senior citizens' homes, physical therapy centers, etc. with beta programs, and the ease of dispatch management by dashboard and the substantial decrease in reservation cancellation It seems to be confirmed that it is effective.

In the United States it is charged for reasons of low usage feeUber used even in place of an ambulanceHowever, it seems that he started on medical assistance services in earnest.

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