Looking at the moment of cutting bullets with axes in slow motion looks something like this

There are new discoveries, such as something you do not see casually in your eyes, such as taking a strange behavior that you do not expect if you check with slow motion. In the world of fiction such as cartoon and animation that "Many magical images that can only be seen in such slow motion video are released," The Slow Mo Guys, "In the new movie," Bouncy bullets are covered with axes " I reproduce the moment which is often seen in the real world.

Splitting Bullets in 4K - YouTube

The Slow Mo Guys two people appear in the movie. Mr. Gavin on the left and Daniel on the right.

From a conversation saying "Have you seen a scene to cut a bullet in a movie?"

If the bullet hits the sword etc. actually, let's see what will happen to the bullet ... with the hand gun ...

An ax is prepared.

Mr. Gavin points out that cutting a bullet is "a ninja skill!" That humans are impossible. However, the moment the bullet is fired from the hand gun, the surface of the bullet waves, so if you hit the ax it reveals his own opinion that "I think that it will be cut like butter."

On the screen, "This image was taken under the supervision of an expert, please do not manet." The notation notation enters.

The hand gun fire by remote control using the remote control. It is 45 bullets to be injected, it fly to the street of the blue line and hit the ax and it is planned to be cut in two.

One of the high-speed cameras used for shooting is "Phantom v 2511"If you lower the resolution you can shoot an amazing slow motion movie of 1 million frames per second. In actual shooting it seems that shooting was done at 28,000 fps, and using 45 bullet bullets is because "size is large and easy to see".

That's why I retreated to a position far enough away from the hand gun, wearing goggles and earplugs.

Push the button and ......

A bullet is fired from the hand gun.

It is unknown what happened with the naked eye for a moment, but for some reason three balloons are broken.

Two people checking the images captured by the high-speed camera to see what happened.

The cartridge case is discharged from the handgun ... ...

The injected bullet will fly towards the ax.

The moment the bullet touches the ax, the sound of "metal" striking with "Queen" sounds ...

And as Mr. Gavin said, bullets are "like butter" cuts.

A splendidly two.

I will also check from another angle.

The bullet contacts.

And I will break it cleanly.

However, if you look closely it can be confirmed that there are two fragments of bullets that were cut and flew to the left of the ax. It seems that three balloons were broken by this.

Also, it seemed that the axes of the axes wobbly blunt.

Next, a custom-made ax with a cutting edge turned into a cross appeared.

Next, placing a high-speed camera just behind the hand gun will shoot the image of bullet viewpoint.

Then fired again.

Then, six balloons are broken this time.

So I will check the moment when bullets are broken up with cross axes with slow motion.

A bullet that can hit the tip of the ax and be cut apart.

It is clear that there are four or more pieces.

The bullet was hit by an ax and cut into four, and the cut pieces seem to be broken down in the air to lead (LEAD) and copper (COPPER). The bullet that was supposed to be two in this one is a mystery answer divided into three fragments.

Looking at the bullet viewpoint ......

The bullet is divided into four ... ...

It can be confirmed firmly that it is disassembled into 8 pieces in the air.

In the fact that we were able to successfully cut bullets better than we imagined, they muttered as "perfect!" And praised the work of ax.

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