A survey will be conducted as to whether Google and Facebook are hotbeds of "filter bubble"


The service on the Internet analyzes the information displayed to each user and "to display only the more preferred" means that the user is isolated from the specific information as "Filter bubbleI call it. Is not it a hotbed of such a filter bubble? That's why Google, the search engine's male, and Facebook, the most popular SNS worldwide, are the subject of investigation.

Facebook, Google to be probed over role in creating 'filter bubbles'

Australia Fair Trade Commission(ACCC) has just releasedDiscussion reportIt is pointed out that online platforms such as Google and Facebook may affect media organizations that create journalism and news.

In the ACCC's report, the impact of news contents and advertisement revenues published on the Internet from the digital platform, whether the released news has been changed, what social media or search engines are doing It is indicated to investigate whether they are collecting.

Algorithms that are specifically controversial are specified in the report, and it is also indicated that the news which these algorithms display on the platform is "how biased" . Those described as "advanced algorithms for processing user data" are capable of providing content that matches the preferences of each user, but at the same time it also causes "consumer protection concerns" It is written that there is.

byEdho Pratama

We say that only the opinion of some users on social media is picked up by the algorithm and only some aspect of the news becomes prominent "Echo chamber phenomenonI call it. It is worried that such phenomena are likely to occur on social media, and by displaying only contents that the algorithm conforms to the user's preference, "the latest information of a specific news item or dissent opinion information etc. There is a possibility of creating "filter bubble" which does not come in, "the report points out.

"The range of news and comments delivered to users is getting narrower despite the improved accessibility of digital platforms and the ability to view online content more easily," he says in the report As it is being said,As smartphones spread globally, more people are getting access to the InternetNevertheless, ACCC is concerned about the current situation that only some information can be obtained due to the influence of the filter bubble.

The names of Google and Facebook appear frequently in the report, but other search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com, Baidu and social media Twitter · LinkedIn · Snapchat · Instagram · Pinterest · Names such as Google+ are also listed.

byTim Bennett

Fake news and others are the most examples of the spreading of false alarms in the echo chamber phenomenon. Especially fake news which has become news since the US presidential election in 2016,GoogleYaFacebookThere is no mention in the report, either because it is accelerating the movement to eradicate it.

"While these technological advances have brought many benefits to consumers, they will carefully consider whether the survey will affect the quality and breadth of the news provided to Australian consumers "Said ACCC President Rod Sims.

In the survey, we will focus on the long-term impact on traditional media and whether the conventional medium can be financially viable under the influence of filter bubbles.

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