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From tomorrow · February 24 (Saturday) Movie "Let's promise the flower on Farewell morning"Will be made public. This work received a word from PAWORKS · Koriyoshi Horikawa producer that Mr. Okada Yuri, known as a screenwriter, "I want to see the work which Mr. Okada revealed 100% of" someday, "There is a work I'd like to make, would you let me do the director?" That was made by offering. Director Shinkai Makoto of the big hit movie 'Your name is' tweeted the preview and said, "If you are confronted with this quality as the first director, you will be jealous and will also be impatient." Please check with the theater what kind of work has been completed.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

AMD 'Ryzen 7' with performance equal to or better than Intel's half price will be officially announced - GIGAZINE

"World Historical Atlas" that can display "who" and "which land" over the world map from 4000 BC in 1-year increments - GIGAZINE

Tool with a convenient function for raising sounds that can be used free of charge "Taping-up player" - GIGAZINE

There is a hot line in Hollywood that you can ask immediately when you want science scientific evidence to be reflected in the script in SF movies etc - GIGAZINE

"TWILIGHT EXPRESS Rui Wind MIZUKAZE" to inherit the legend of "Twilight Express" commemoration ceremony held - GIGAZINE

"Beartooth" enabling wireless communication such as conversation · mail · confirmation of whereabouts within about 3 km without the radio wave of smartphone - GIGAZINE

"HK / Metamorphosis Mask Abnormal · Crisis" faced facing an unprecedented crisis where the transformation mask disappears from the world panties are announced - GIGAZINE

"Flow Hive" that you can get honey in a safe and easy way to eat just by twisting the valve of the hive's nest - GIGAZINE

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"Biggest historical" brain tumor removed Indian male, weighs about 2 kg

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"The revolutionaries penetrate considerably into the JR Higashi union leadership" Government responds "Jealously elucidated about JR Hokkaido labor union" - Sankei news

US Vice President, Mr. Kim Jong-In's "Senior Crown Governing Principals": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Increase hate group in the US = active with the birth of the Trump regime - human rights groups: current affairs dot com

US Trump regime to announce new sanctions against North Korea on 23rd | Reuters

CNN.co.jp: Syria's 15-year-old boy reported self-shooting videos of the bombing of the air strikes East Guta area

On the virtual currency exchange "Zaif" forced Rosscut Festival, no orders due to server down enter the chain of forced settlement: market condition full power two stories

UNICEF Number 2 resigns, 2 pictures with sexual misconduct in the former occupation International News: AFPBB News

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【New customers or regulars? A TV interview came to a small family-run store! → Various opinions on that end "So do you have shops refused to interview?" "Not good at management" - Togetter

Moving refugees, continuing in spring? Lack of manpower in the logistics industry Trial unexpected in the start of a new life seriously - Nishinippon Shimbun

"10,000 yen gold coin" design is Yabusame Tokyo Olympics / Para Memorial Money | NHK News

Organic mushroom cultivation with original powderhouse, France photo 5 international news: AFPBB News

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Good tech lead, bad tech lead - small feast

pixiv's new targeted advertisement and its aims - pixiv inside

Network Analysis Under HIP HOP - Aidemy Tech Blog

KDDI and SOFTBANK formally approve, introduce new service of overwhelming LINE | Nikkei xTECH (CrossTech)

Let's look back on the outflow of the virtual currency NEM (try visualizing the outflow route with d3.js) - abbreviated, trailing, no contents

Summary on shooting methods and study methods of multiple lighting - $ * nymemo

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TV anime "BANANA FISH" PV - YouTube

TV anime "Otaku to Koi is Difficult" Opening Theme sumika "Fiction" Episode CM - YouTube

"Valkyria 4 on the Battlefield" Federal Army Character Introduction Video ② - YouTube

"Ninokuni II Ⅱ Revenant Kingdom" 5th trailer (voice trailer trailer) - YouTube

"Minnoku II Ⅱ Revenant Kingdom" Game Play Video System Introduction - YouTube

"Soul Calibur VI" Character introduction video _Vol.03 - YouTube

"Soul Calibur VI" Character introduction video _Vol.04 - YouTube

"Ship this official account resurrected and details on freezing and memorandum on reporting city collaboration" confirmed with DMCA misuse - Togetter

Galaxy Railway 999: New for 11 years New Zenji Matsumoto posted on the 80th anniversary book - MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)

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For a limited time only! Fuwa Mama Red Chicken cutlet fair start! - Tonkatsu and bowl "Koya" official website

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