Movie aiming for the goal with a Pitagora device-style course where multiple gimmicks are linked in a chain

NHK E Tele education programPythagora SwitchofPitagora deviceA marble rolls on a course full of gimmicks like, and the movie aiming for the goal "The blue marbleIs the author's YouTube channelKaplaminoIt is published in.

The blue marble - YouTube

The movie starts with a blue marble on the left end of the course. A blue marble rolls and goes to the glass glass of the goal. Kaplamino of the author has published a number of Pythagora devices on YouTube, and this time it is made on the plane that I wanted to install marble and magnet gimmick on a plane.

As the blue marbles roll to the left, they collided with red marbles and stopped. On the other hand, collided red marbles roll out. A red base stands ready at the destination where red marble falls ......

When it falls on the table, the silver spherical magnets that are connected to the beads are released and ...

I hit the left side of a blue marble like a hammer in reaction. This will cause the blue marbles to roll in the right direction.

As the blue marbles progress in the downward direction, they are blue in the direction of travelHand spinnerWill appear.

The hand spinner rotates clockwise and goes like water flowing marbles. The marble heads to a silver spherical magnet at the bottom right of the image.

As the blue marbles approach the silver spherical magnets, you can see that there is another set of further magnets underneath them. These two pairs of magnets are placed at the limit of not being attracted by each other's magnetic force, and when the blue marble falls down here ... ...

The distance kept exquisitely shrinks, and the two pairs of magnets stick with each other's magnetic force. And as the magnets stick together, the blue marbles are played upwards.

When the blue marbles proceed, they stop at the end of the dark blue knocking ballpoint pen. On the other hand, an iron ball rolls from the right side and heads for the ballpoint pen switch ...

Push the switch of the ball ball with the iron ball. The blue marbles are shot vigorously in the upward direction by the force of the ballpoint pen spring and head towards the yellow blocking curve that is arranged in the upward direction.

As the blue marbles proceed, you will see scissors with a large blade forward and yellow-green marbles sandwiched between the blades.

A blue marble collides with a yellow green marble and stops. On the other hand, the collided yellow green marbles will roll.

A yellow-green marble rolled and hit directly at the base of the rod. On the upper end of the bar there is a navy blue marble which is three times larger than the other marbles and starts to roll to the left with a shock ......

Hit the scissors's handle. The blue marbles are pushed out with the closing force of the scissors and they start rolling again.

The blue marbles pushed out by scissors touched a silver iron ball at the end that rolled to the right side of the image and the runner changed. Blue marbles stop between the blocks of trees. On the other hand, the iron ball extruded into the marbles rolls to the lower left of the image.

An orange colored stick will appear at the tip where the iron ball rolled.

When the iron ball hit an orange colored stick, the light blue stick connected to it struck the part where the blue marbles stopped like a hammer ......

Blue marbles are blown upwards.

As the marbled car goes inside the course, it goes down to the left along the long slope of J shape.

When the blue marbles come down descending a J-shaped slope, it collides with the left side of a silver iron ball. The iron ball is pushed out to the lower right.

The extruded iron ball collided with the base of a long pencil with yellow and green and stopped. The upper end of the pencil pushes another iron ball to the left. Another extruded iron ball rolls to the left and heads to a long slope of J shape.

The iron ball goes down from the right to the left on the long slope of the J character ... ....

Collision to the right side of a blue marble. The iron ball stops and the blue marbles roll again.

When the blue marble strikes the wall on the left and bounces back and rolls to the right, you can see the red box and the rope connected to the box.

When the blue marbles come into contact with the rope, the weight of the rope's tip drops off the platform.

As the weight falls, a red box is pulled up like a pulley and carries a blue marble like an elevator.

A blue marble rises with a red box and collides with a yellow block.

The point where a blue marble rolls is in contact with an iron ball with a block of wood like a red frame part ... ...

The iron ball begins to roll with the impact of the blue marbles striking the block.

Then the magnet and iron ball sticking to the tip of the blue bar stick together and the stick which became the passageway of the blue marble falls under the bran.

The blue bar rotates 180 degrees around the part where the blue marbles are stopped. The first iron ball taps the red-green marble like a hammer.

The red green marbles proceed along the aisle and hit the silver stick. A large light blue marbles sticks to the tip of the silver stick, rolling to the left with an impact ......

Crash into a block of trees.

Then the wall which blocked the blue marbles' go was disappeared, so that you can roll again.

As the blue marbles advance, they come into contact with a silver iron ball type magnet on the way. The magnet rolls downwards and the blue marbles proceed rightward as it is.

Blue marbles stop at the tip of a light blue bar shaped magnet. When an iron ball type magnet approaches a bar magnet ......

The iron ball type and the bar type magnets attract and move vigorously upwardly, and fly as if the blue marbles are pushed out to this.

Blue marbles that have passed beyond the challenge hit the silver ball and stopped. On the other hand, the collided iron ball rolls out downward.

An iron ball hits a replacement stick carrying a pattern like a dice ......

A block of wood with joints was shaken like a pendulum and collided with a blue marble. The marbles jumped out upward with vigor.

Climb the hill of the red cards vigorously ... ...

A blue marble rolls along the white wall.

And at the end the blue marbles entered the glass and it was an amazing goal.

The following image is the whole image of the course on which the blue marbles roll. According to Kaplamino, he used tools such as glue guns to prepare the course, overcoming over 500 failures and reaching the completion of the course. It is harder than expected to connect multiple gimmicks in a chain so it took 3 months to create.

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