"TENGA ROBO" that TENGA has become a solid robot by no means, completely deformable

One Fest 2018 [Winter]TENGA wondered what was stolen at the favorite 's booth"TENGA-ROBO" (Tenga Robo)It has been exhibited for the first time.

I do not know anything when I look at this

But when you see them lined up in the booth, you can see what it is

The character of "Decadeca" and "TENGA". Yes, this is that TENGA.

Abnormal presence

Those who are toys are better than Robo

Fully deformable

Hammer + has a mysterious ray gunlike thing

Kitchen is built till the small part, various posings are possible

TENGA ROBO DESIGN is Kuramochi Kure Liu, design is Proslink and AKIKA, production cooperation is Senmon Air, and movie production is POLY-TOYS.

The release date is undecided and the price is yet to be determined.

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