Monsters and girls get on good friends "Monsters Ink" to Nendoroid

Shaggy blue monster who works in the monster world "Sally"And a big first monster on its partner · green body"Microphone"But a girl who went astray in the monster's world"BooDisney and the famous 3D CG movie produced by Pixar "Monsters Inc". Those monsters ink that became three-dimensional after becoming a Nendoroid,Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter]It was exhibited in.

good smile CompanyMike, Boo and Sally 's Nendoroids were on display at the booth.

"Mike & Boo Set"Is a set of Nendoroids," Mike "which is made to be scolded by the big one with a big eyed with a gyeolo and a cute little" bo ". It also comes with doors that cross the world of monsters and the world of Boo.

"Sally & Boo Set"Is a set of Nendoroids of Surrey with a look that looks so easy as it is big with big boobs of monsters.

Sally 's face can change to various expressions with moving eyebrows and expression parts.

It was a gentle, strong, reliable Nendoroid that understands Sally's character quite well. Both "Mike & BooSet" and "Sally & BooSet" release date and price are undecided.

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