The dimension of the taste has just eaten the exquisite Margherita & Marinara of the pizza "Pizzeria da Michele" of Naples

"Pizzeria da Michele" in Tokyo, Ebisu and Fukuoka is an authentic faction that brought not only powder, tomato, cheese, but also pizza kiln to reproduce the taste of popular pizzeria in Naples. Furthermore, it seems that Pizza auro (pizza craftsman) is acquiring skill and tradition at Naples head office. I went to eat that this must be awesome pizza.

Tokyo · Ebisu and Fukuoka's antika pizzeria da Michele

Antica pizzeria da Michele Information of Ebisu

Ebisu store is located about 5 minutes on foot from JR Ebisu station east exit.

Pizzeria da · Michele Ebisu with terrace seats colored with electricity.

The basic pizza consists of "Margherita" and "Marinara"

There are several variations, but first I need to keep the basic, so I ordered Margherita and Marinara this time.

Pizza of the oven kiln has the impression that it takes time to cook, but the waiting time was only 5 minutes. First of all it was carried by "Margherita" Doppia (large: 2160 yen). I could not believe the pizza itself 's size "oh ......" and the voice leaked out. Delivery pizza is not M but L size.

Next, "Marinara" came next. This was also a big maxi (1836 yen), and it was about the size of two pizzas lined just above the desk.

I put a knife to cut. You should know its size.

The fabric with grilling light burning on the bottom is quite thin and soft, so cutting it from the center of the pizza into 8 equal parts can not lift it very much.

This time I rolled up and decided to eat. I feel a strong elasticity that the fabric pushes back durably when I put my teeth. On top of the sourness of tomatoes, cheeses that even mellow mellow sweetness combine, spreading throughout the mouth with a dough that tastes like crispy mochi. When delivering pizza, we devote various ideas such as putting cheese and ingredients in the ear part, but this pizza feels "umami" despite not doing such a thing.

Marinara is full of plenty of tomatoes, oregano and garlic. Before eating, just the fragrance will make you feel happy.

This is "The Tomato". I feel like the tomato jumps into my mouth full strength while supporting oregano and garlic never going to the front. Mixed with oil, plenty of juicy and juicy tomato taste, also want to match spaghetti flavor.

It was a pizza which looked pretty large, but it is definitely one person to flatten out for one piece.

Pizza can also take out. If the shop is nearby, it seems that it will be a pizza covered life ......

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