5 kinds of cheese × raspberry sauce Dessert sense croquette "5 cheese cheese croquettes to taste with berry sauce" and "eat potato heart croquette" I tried

From February 8, 2018 (Thursday), Kobe croquettes are limited for one week, "Akita potato heart croquette"When"5 taste cheese croquette to taste in berry sauce"Has appeared. I actually bought and tried to eat what kinds of croquettes that colorfully colored Valentine will entertain the taste.

Perfect for Valentine's Day! Mentaiko flavored heart-shaped croquette appears | News Release 2018 | News Release | ROCK FIELD CO., LTD.

I bought "Kota potato heart croquette" at Kobe Korokke and "five cheese cheese croquettes to taste with berry sauce" quickly.

This is "Heart croquette of mint potato" (157 yen including tax). The croquette is heart shaped and sprinkled with marinated cod roe on its surface.

Compared with the iPhone 8 Plus, it is about half the size and impression of a slightly larger croquette.

When I cut it, it seems that Mentaiko is mixed with a baron 's cloth material inside, it is a slightly pink color.

When eating it actually, the outside of the croquette is crispy and inside is hokkoku, and although it is impressive that it is not much different from ordinary croquettes made of baron potatoes, you can feel the mentaiko's slightly . Baked mentaiko is a bit spicy and spiced with accent.

Next is "croquette of 5 types of cheese to taste with berry sauce" (378 yen including tax). Powdered cheese is put on top with spherical croquette.

Comparing the size with the iPhone 8 Plus, the diameter of the croquette is about half, but the height also has a similar size, so there is considerable presence.

And red wine berry sauce comes with ... ....

Raw material names include "liquor," "raspberry" and "sugar", followed by "Worcester sauce" and so on.

"Croquette of 5 different cheeses to taste in berry sauce" is cut in half, the contents are solid.

I put a red wine berry sauce and eat it, it is in the croquette's fabricGruyere cheese,Palmigiano Reggiano,Gorgonzola,Edam,MozzarellaSometimes I use five types of cheese, and the texture is croquette, I feel the flavor of cheese is very rich. And it is excellent with the texture of crispy clothes, so we can keep on eating steadily. Also, when the red wine berry sauce is combined, the fragrance of red wine and raspberry is slightly added plus a change to desert taste. Since the impression changes greatly even with the presence or absence of the source, you can enjoy two tastes at once, there is a sense of affinity.

"Heart croquette of mentai potato" (157 yen including tax) and "croquette of 5 types of cheese to taste with berry sauce" (378 yen including tax) are from February 8, 2018 (Thursday) to February 14, 2018 ( It is sold for a limited time until water).

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