EU data protection regulation may dominate the world


Everything is now connected to the Internet in our lives, and protection of personal information is highlighted. Meanwhile, the EU is trying to advance the most advanced regulations on data protection, but POLITICO says "the possibility of the EU controlling the world through the privacy protection regulations that the EU pushes the worldwide".

Europe's new data protection rules export privacy standards worldwide - POLITICO

The EU is May 25, 2018,EU General Data Protection Rule (GDPR)We are planning to introduce new personal data protection regulations, which will place stringent restrictions on the transfer and use of personal privacy data. This rule also applies outside the EU, countries that do not impose restrictions on data protection according to GDPR to their own companies can make free trade with 28 countries that are members of the EU, as in the past It is said that it will disappear.

POLITICO answered, "The EU is trying to conquer the world again, but this weapon is not due to iron and military force like the previous era, it is due to legal and powerful privacy protection rules, It affects every and every company from San Francisco to Seoul ". The EU can impose a maximum of 20 million euros (about 2.6 billion yen) or a 4% fines on sales to countries around the world that do not comply with GDPR. Countries that can no longer let the countries of the EU, the world's largest trade zone any longer, thrive to establish privacy protection laws that comply with GDPR at once.

Brussels · Privacy · HubMr. Christopher Kunner, Co-Chair of Co-Chair, said, "GDPR is a good example of the EU's great impact on the world, I would like you to call it the Brussels effect" and how the EU has a huge influence It is going to be a touchstone to show.

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POLITICO says that the economy is developed like Japan, and in advanced countries with close relations with the EU it is possible to respond to EU rules. In Japan in December 2017EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiationsIt is expected that it should be able to follow changes by GDPR introduced by the EU this time.

However, in emerging economies where the economy is underdeveloped, the cost of installing new privacy protection rules becomes a problem and the voice that "imperialism through data protection" is also raised. According to John Gills, who runs a South African lawyer's office, "countries that can not keep up with this regulation are left out of the world trade and there is a risk that the economic disparity will spread wider.GDPR will extend its tentacle all over the world There is that.

Since the 1990 's, Europe has ran the top of the world in terms of privacy protection. Many countries have followed the standards enacted by Europe and the EU, except the major powers that have their own policies regarding privacy protection of individuals, such as the US, Russia, and China. However, with the recent expansion of multinational corporations such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, the EU seems to have been forced to create new privacy protection rules.The European Commission"Privacy protection is our highest priority," said Vera Yourovar, who is in the process of pushing forward with the EU's privacy regulation.


The attitude that this time "imposing restrictions on economic activities within the EU unless they comply with GDPR" has the view that the EU is imposing rules on hostage rights for free trade. Not only will Google multinational companies with big customers in the EU like Entrance to GDPR, as well as even small and medium-sized enterprises, as soon as the end of the customer has reached within the EU area to GDPR Penalties will be imposed if they do not comply. With the development of the Internet, trading with the world became possible now, there are a huge number of companies that need to comply with GDPR.

Hogan Rovers Law Firm"It is obvious that GDPR has given a great impact internationally," Mr. Edward Uthran said, "We already have several countries in sync with the EU" and convey their influence.

"The case of GDPR will be an example of exporting the EU's software aspects, in terms of regulatory influence, the EU has enormous power," Mr. Kunner of Brussels Privacy Hub I will talk.

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