What is the wonderfulness of the working environment in Switzerland seen by engineers working in Silicon Valley?

Even if you do not notice when you are inside a country or organization, something that you will notice will be noticed if you go out there. For work, for a short time from the United States to Switzerland, a technician who has moved back to the US · Silicon Valley, noticed the problems in the working environment of the United States, while simultaneously noticing the splendor of the Swiss environment I point out.

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Matthew Deiter, an engineer working in Silicon Valley, got the opportunity to work in Switzerland and Luxembourg for two years. When I was going back to the US after a short period of overseas work, from the recruiter in an interview about working conditions, "(a company in Silicon Valley where I am a change jober) is responsible for many people working weekends He told me that he was surprised. According to Mr. Deiter, there was no one in the office outside the office hours, even when the management was on the brink of the start-up which he had served in Switzerland.

Mr. Deator who got accustomed to living in Switzerland is so confused about the difference with life in the United States, he seems to have become "foreigners" at the beginning of returning home. And it seems that Switzerland 's life is mandatory "mandatory" and "artificial", which forced him to grow on an individual level, and even felt it was creative.

By experiencing employment in Switzerland, Mr. Deiter mentioned the following three points about the good points Swiss society has.

1: Narrow option

Mr. Deator thinks that it is "routine" rooted in Swiss culture. For example, a garbage bag is designated as a specific one, a train departs on time, a day to wash is allocated, and the road is cleaned on a fixed day. These routine work is like a Swiss watch and it is an implicit schedule of Swiss culture. And, to eliminate the necessity of thinking, what is decided as a routine makes it possible to concentrate on other things, Mr. Deiter thinks.

In the grocery store in the Bay · West Coast area in the USA · 20 kinds of yoghurt are available and it seems to be good at seemingly good kind, but the reason of selling goods was reflected in fact in fact That is what it is. Moreover, since "fixed position" has not been decided, it seems that it can become "noise" which requires useless attention.

With a fixed rule and a narrow range of alternatives, Deiter says that not only can it streamline work and get results quickly, but also concentrate on what should be focused.

2: Invest in strong public infrastructure

While living in the United States, Mr. Deiter assumed that "private service is better than public service because of the attitude of cost-oriented due to market pressures". However, public transportation that operates on time, or public schools that offer high quality classes despite overwhelmingly lower prices than private school, and low-cost medical care provided by the insurance system where all citizens are subscribed Services and so on in the life of Switzerland and Luxembourg, it seems that my ideas have changed completely.

Mr. Deator turned into the idea that it is possible to create sustainable services of high reliability and quality by making public investment dedicated to public welfare, a dispatch service like Uber was born in the United States Then, it is thought that it is also reversing that the public transport infrastructure is poor in the first place that is said to be convenient.

3: Flexible work schedule

According to Mr. Deiter, workers in Switzerland can freely determine the number of days worked per week, while maintaining full-time salary levels. This system is tied to social norms and seems to contribute to greatly alleviate the occurrence of stress and burnout syndrome.

Even when Mr. Deator was hospitalized in Switzerland and became unable to work, the medical expenses were not only fully cared but also my colleague emphasized that "when I really want to return is at what I really want" , The fact that it is possible to flexibly decide the employment schedule by your own will help great support for the return to work, Mr. Deiter says.

In Switzerland there is a handsome unemployment security system that can receive 70% of his salary for up to 18 months at the time of unemployment. Although this system seems to be overly tolerant, it seems that Switzerland maintains the unemployment rate unchanged from that of the United States, without raising the unemployment rate. By having a huge social safety net, Dator says it reduces the risk of working at startup.

And the fact of vacation is also very different between Switzerland and the USA, Mr. Deiter points out. In the workplace of the West Coast Bay Area in the United States, even if you take a holiday, it is difficult to get a calm rest, as the relationship to work has been maintained by e-mail etc. As Switzerland is completely removed from work, creativity increases and concentration in the workplace increases, Mr. Deiter says.

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