The naked mole rat hardly ages and the mortality rate does not increase even as it gets older.


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Scientists at Calico, a science venture created by Google's parent company Alphabet, have published a paper that says, 'The naked mole rat is age-independent of mortality.' This means that the rules common to most creatures do not apply to the naked mole rat.

Naked mole-rat mortality rates defy Gompertzian laws by not increasing with age | eLife

Calico --Calico Scientists Publish Paper in eLife Demonstrating that the Naked Mole Rat's Risk of Death Does Not Increase With Age age

The naked mole rat, which lives in the desert of the Middle East, has characteristics such as 'almost no cancer', 'longevity among rodents', 'no pain from heat ', and 'holding breath for 18 minutes'. It is targeted.

This time, Calico found out that the naked mole rat 'does not age.' The Gompertz Makerm's Law of Death shows that mammals have an exponentially higher mortality rate as they get older, with the exception of the naked mole rat, who dies just because they get older. It seems that the rate does not increase.

Originally, the naked mole rat has a particularly long life as a rodent , and it has been known that some individuals live for about 30 years, but Calico's research revealed that the cause is 'not aging'. ..

However, Professor Stan Brody of Washington University in St. Louis, a researcher of the naked mole rat who was not involved in this research, said that the survival rate of the naked mole rat will increase because there are no predators in the lab that should exist in nature in the first place. Pointed out that it is natural. He also gave another example that the high survival rate is not unique to the naked mole rat, and that turtles and oak trees are also high.

Google wants to use naked mole rats to conquer death | Popular Science

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