Huge mirror ball "Humanity Star" which can be seen with the naked eye also from the Earth's surface has been launched and it is orbiting the earth

Rocket development companyRocket LabWas mounted in the rocket launched from New Zealand, a huge one meter in diameterMirror ballIt was announced that it was put into orbit around the earth. This mirror ball "Humanity Star"It is flying at the speed of going around the earth in 90 minutes and it is possible to observe with the naked eye from the earth surface by reflecting the sun's light at night and shining brightly.

The Humanity Star

Rocket Lab Electron put their own "Humanity Star" into orbit - Quartz

Rocket Lab launched a mirror ball "Humanity Star" about 1 meter in diameter made of 65 mirrors. The material is made of carbon fiber and is made to reflect the sunlight by the mirror on the surface so that it can brightly shine in outer space.

Rocket Lab is a company established by New Zealand's Peter Beck in Los Angeles, USA. It will be the first company on January 21, 2018Electron RocketLaunched in New Zealand and has made it successful. This rocket was equipped with multiple artificial satellites, but in reality it was Humanity Star that was installed with Kosori inside, as well as other international satellites like the International Space Station etc.Low Earth OrbitIt was introduced to.

Mr. Beck of Rocket Lab who produced Humanity Star said, "To me, I was dissatisfied that people do not understand where I live in the universe, we are one species that lives on a big rock Humanity Star is meant to remind you that it is not only a small perspective of personal circumstances but "I live together as a species". "

Rocket Lab'swebsiteIt is possible to see the trajectory prediction map and the real-time position where Humanity Star flies. It is not always visible with the earth's day and night and the position with the sun, but on the map the solid line shows where there is a possibility of actually seeing Humanity Star.

According to expectations, it can be seen that the Humanity Star flew over Japan and that it is shining is 41 days after January 26, 2018, which creates articles as being in the vicinity of Tokyo, that is, March It seems that it will be about 8th. It seems there is a chance of seeing if the sky is fine on the evening of this day, but Humanity Star will fly away in the night sky in about 1 minute and 30 seconds so we will wait for the fly while carefully monitoring the map on that day It seems necessary.

Since Humanity Star was launched with a satellite launched without prior notice, that is, Kossori, it seems that the authority of the competent authority is not received at all. Also, Humanity Star is orbiting the earth in 90 minutes, but in the future it will gradually slow down the speed and altitude, and after about 9 months of orbit introduction, it re-enters the atmosphere and burns out It is said that it is supposed to be planned.

By the way, Rocket Lab had successfully launched the rocket in May 2017. The state of the rocket that part outputted by 3D printer was also input can be seen in the following article.

A private rocket company "Rocket Lab" succeeded in the launch test of a compact and lightweight rocket that output engine as a 3D printer - GIGAZINE

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