The world's largest Bitcoin minor has purchased more silicon semiconductor than NVIDIA for mining machine construction

Virtual currency that rises sharply but risesBitcoin(Bit coin) In response to the market price, the competition of bit coin mining is overheating. Bitmain, the world's largest bit coin miner, has turned out to be ordering silicon wafers in quantities that exceed the semiconductor manufacturer's NVIDIA.

Bitmain is buying 20k 16nm wafers from TSMC per month (more than NVIDIA)

Manufacturer of bit coin mining machines, the Chinese company, also known as the world's largest bit coin minerBitmain, But in the Q4 (October to December) in 2017,TSMCARK Invest to invest semiconductors to reveal that we purchased 20,000 silicon wafers per month with 16nm process silicon wafers are revealed. The amount of 20,000 copies is equivalent to twice the previous quarter, and it is said to exceed the order quantity of NVIDIA, the world's largest GPU.

Semiconductors ordered by Bitmain in large quantities are used for manufacturing dedicated ASIC chips for performing bit coin mining. According to, it is possible to produce as many as 5670 ASIC chips per silicon wafer and it is expected that 600,000 pieces of Antminer S9 chip that Bitmain uses for mining can be produced per month.

As the market price of virtual currency soared, the amount of semiconductor chips manufactured for virtual currency mining throughout the industry increased sharply. In terms of the order quantity to TSMC, it is a demand that exceeds AI development and mobile terminal.

Bitmain not only develops ASIC chips,Increase mining speed by incorporating AI technologyIt is no longer a mere minor level existence, it seems that it is becoming a large customer of a size that can not be ignored for TSMC and other semiconductor manufacturing foundries.

Nonetheless, the Chinese government is going to regulate bit coin mining in Japan, and major miners such as Bitmain with a large mining factory in China are compelled to respond. As a destination for minors who escaped China, India and Canada are listed as potential candidates.

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