Hint of Nintendo Switch is advanced to a considerable level

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It is a matter of time before a game machine system is analyzed by hackers, and most game machine manufacturers' goal is to "keep the software ecosystem of the game machine fully controlled for as long as possible" Has become. The Nintendo Switch released by Nintendo in March, 2017 is also a target for analysis by hackers, but its progress has advanced to a considerable level, Ars Technica of foreign media reports.

Hackers seem close to publicly unlocking the Nintendo Switch | Ars Technica

Previously discovered on Nintendo Switch was vulnerability on initial firmware and so on. One of the vulnerabilities discovered was "Webkit defect"That is to allow" user level "access to some of the underlying systems. Another vulnerability is that hackers can control the OS of Nintendo Switch slightly "Defects related to service level initialization"was.

However, the existence of hackers that have already succeeded in more advanced hacking has become clear. It is the biggest hacker organization in EuropeCCCIn 34th Chaos Communication Congress (34C3) held in Leipzig, Germany, three hackers Plutoo, Derrek and Naehrwert access the Nintendo Switch at the kernel level and gain almost complete control of the terminal I explained about a complicated method.

Plutoo, Mr. Derrek, Naehrwert and others showed the performances at 34C3 in the following movie.

34C3 - Console Security - Switch - YouTube

Three hackers deeply drilled how two vulnerabilities, "Webkit defects" found in the initial firmware and "Service level initialization defects" worked at the system level of Nintendo Switch While talking about how to intercept data via the memory bus of the Nintendo Switch in order to grasp the timing of other important security checks and to the chip adopting the ARM architecture installed in the Nintendo SwitchFPGAWe also talk about decrypting the secret key to unlock all of the encrypted system binaries by soldering them.

He also said three hackers got unexpected help from NVIDIA, who produced a chip for the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch's custom chip is NVIDIA'sTegra X1It is a very similar design. So, the hackersJetson TX1 Embedded Development Kit, We succeeded in getting a deep understanding of Nintendo Switch's custom chip and internal system.

Also, thousands of pages of public documentation related to Tegra X1 are being published, but "SMMU"By copying the changed kernel and giving hackers a way to write them in the system memory of the Nintendo Switch," Ars Technica wrote. Plutoo, one of the hackers about this, says "NVIDIA has become itself a backdoor."

Three hackers have not made public on the vulnerability announced at 34C3,ReSwitchedIn cooperation withHomebrewWe promised to publish. Plutoo also posted text and photos "February 1" on her Twitter account, and it is speculated that Homebrew for Nintendo Switch will be released on February 1, 2018 I will. However, three hackers said that the vulnerability announced at 34C3 does not work with Nintendo Switch's firmware version 3.0.0.

In addition, Fail 0verflow of the hacking group has posted on Twitter on January 7, 2018 that the message has been successfully hacked as "Cold Boot Attack" which scrolls sideways on the screen of Nintendo Switch.According to Fail 0verflow, This hackingBoot ROMIt is a bug, it can be executed without soldering the MOD chip to the chip of the Nintendo Switch, and it can not be modified with the patch in the existing Nintendo Switch. These hacks can be used to run your own code on the Nintendo Switch. And, of the open source librarylibnxIt is also possible to start writing the code as soon as you use it.

Besides, I have released a movie that suggests that Team-Xecuter is mastering his own hacking method. In this movie, you can see that the logo of Team - Xecuter is displayed on the startup screen of Nintendo Switch. Since Team - Xecuter is known for producing hardware MOD chips that allow pirated games to be executed by other game machines, "Similar chips may be released for Nintendo Switch" And Ars Technica.

Team-Xecuter coming to your Nintendo Switch console! - YouTube

In addition, the project "Yuzu" which develops the emulator of Nintendo Switch has also started, and hackers are expected to be active here as well.

GitHub - yuzu - emu / yuzu: Nintendo Switch Emulator

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