A strong man who realized a roller coaster raging in the alien world with the game Planet Coaster

Simulation game which runs theme park "Planet CoasterIn synonymous with SF movie "alienA strong man who made a roller coaster reproducing the world view of " A 15-minute movie has become a marvelous level of quality even for people who are not alien fans.

ALIENS THE RIDE 【Planet Coaster】 - YouTube

The coaster started moving inside the spacecraft.

The shutter that was closed at the required place will automatically rise and the course will expand.

It is said that all the drawing such as the inside of the spacecraft is made using the parts that can be used in the game Planet Caster.

When boosting up where smoke stands up ... ...

A pattern that jumped out of the ship into outer space. LV - 426 which is visible in front of you is the stage of the movie "alien".

It seems that rails are spread also in outer space, and the sound of the coaster moving is heard.

The coaster rushed into darkness.

Ringing lightning all around. Apparently, the coaster appears to rush into the atmosphere to land on LV - 426.

When the clouds disappeared from the sight, a facility that exposed dubious light appeared in front of me.

The invasion into the building finally starts.

It is also contributing to the high quality of "ALIENS THE RIDE" that the sound which directs fear is effective.

Whether temperature control goes wrong, the area froze.

Area where alien and bullshit roar go up. If you look closely, the human bones are hanging.

The bullshit of the alien keeps running high ......

Blood dropped from the ceiling.

The figure of the alien is reproduced on the large front screen in front.

An emergency warning was issued shortly afterwards, and announced 3 minutes until collapse. The coaster started full blown at full throttle.

The coaster keeps blasting with the side as a human being attacked by an alien in the foreground.

Visibility narrowing as the count decreases.

Continuation of dubious space.

An alien falling from the ceiling. The coaster will pass through it along the street.

30 seconds remaining time.

Count zero is about to come.

An explosion happens around and smoke is on.

Still the coaster rushes into a dangerous area full of alien eggs.

Just a hell picture.

And the coaster is in the dark.

Please check the movie to see where the coasters have reached brightened before your eyes.

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