A trailer of former CIA investigator's spy movie "Red Sparrow" that tense sensation drifts public

"I am legend"Hanger / Game 2"Known as a director ofFrancis LawrenceDirector and "hunger game"Starring the same director in the seriesJennifer LawrenceSpies / Thriller movies that tagged againRed SparrowThe trailer of "Hello! I wrote an original novel of the same nameJason MatthewsIs a former CIA agent and former spy of Bari Bali who has been intelligent in Europe during the Cold War and countries in the Communist Party for over 30 years. In the UK "James BondSeries ofIan FlemingOr "Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy"ofJohn Le CarreAlthough novelists of former intelligence agents are traditionally born, etc., it is rare that experienced former intelligence worker in the United States becomes a novelist, and a very realistic spy story drifts across the screen It is developed with a sense of urgency.

Red Sparrow | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Dominica who plays Jennifer Lawrence was aiming for ballerina, but his career as a ballerina is cut off due to a broken leg.

What is such decision she made to feed her mother ......

SVR (Russian Foreign Intelligence Agency)It was to become a belonging spy.

Dominica sets up a honey trap as an important person of enemy country, and it becomes two people alone in a private room.

It was a man looking at Dominica outfitting clothes satisfactorily ... ...

Dominica strangled a man. Apparently this mission seems to have killed the target.

A man with a full face helmet shot in front of the eyes of Dominica trying to escape from the underground parking lot of the building.

The spy organization to which Dominica belongs can be said that he does not hesitate to kill the witness to achieve the purpose.

Time goes back, scenes where Dominica, who abandoned the way of ballerina, entered the spy training school. A middle - aged female instructor will meet in the snow in front of the building.

What was being held at school was training to build physical fitness ......

Shooting training etc.

Besides physical training, a lecture will be imposed to mentally fall down the opponent.

In addition, as in Dominika, men who want spies are lined up, and there are also scenes where they are ordered to "take off their clothes".

Dominica looks back at the instructor's face without thinking, but the man next to you is naked without hesitation.

Dominica is subject to torture to be bathed in cold water in cold weather, will endure the severe training, will grow into an organization spy.

"If you function as a machine, your opponent will leak information" monologue.

Dominica suddenly attacks a young man approaching while taking a shower.

The young man also loses with the defeat. There are plenty of powerful action scenes.

What is the mission imposed on Dominica this time ......

Joel EdgertonTurning the nation of the CIA agent who plays to the Russian side to make it a double spy.

Dominica casually approached Nate ... ...

I draw attention to Nate.

Dominica to chat with Nate at a social gathering place.

To Dominica saying, "We, I think I can be friends ..."

"Nate if you want it" answers.

Dominica goes out to a color scheme trying to bridge the Nate.

But Dominica is not the only one who was trying to make the opponent a double spy. Nate also was planning to make Dominica the double spy of the United States.

The shadow of an assassin closer to the two.

Both Russia and the United States decided to take a strategy of trying to spill enemy countries' spies. Dominica and Nate will inevitably get caught up in the strategy.

Nate who came running with both hands ... ...

I will hold up to the special forces holding the gun and kneel down.

Dominica looking backwards.

Sniper lurking in the grassland ... ...

It fires a rifle. To whom was the bullet shot?

Dominica says "I found a way." What is the way she found out ...?

The planned release date of "Red Sparrow" is March 2, 2018 (Friday).

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