"Chariderman man bike traveling man · Running the world", too terrible traveling story with photographs and stories wanting to be a part of the story

Cycling around the world by bicycleTakuya SAITO @ ChalidermanThe footprints of 150 countries have become e-books "Chariderman bicycle traveling man · Running the worldHas been released on Amazon. It will be a summary of serial series at the world round in GIGAZINE so far. It adopts a flow type that allows you to change the size and font of characters freely by smartphone, PC, tablet, so you can watch and listen carefully to your heart's content with your preferred display method · font size.

Chariderman bicycle traveling man · Over the world running in the world (GIGAZINE) | Takuya SAITO, GIGAZINE | Overseas travel | Kindle store | Amazon

Chariderman bicycle traveling man · Under the world running in the world (GIGAZINE) | Takuya SAITO, GIGAZINE | Overseas travel | Kindle store | Amazon

At the same time"Violence to the future"I also made it available for free download.

GIGAZINE Lawless to the future | Yasuzaki Keihito, GIGAZINE | Nonfiction / Biographies | Kindle Store | Amazon

◆ Charriderman of the world, heaping pictures

"One hundred pictures are not to be seen" is exactly what this is going to and fro,"Chariderman bicycle traveling man · Running the world"So how much really contains over 12,000 pictures. It goes beyond merely travel books, rather a photo collection. Since the part called "What sort of scenery was common in old travel books" can be confirmed with pictures all the time, real feeling is not extraordinary. If it is an old travel note, the photo may be monochrome due to printing circumstances,"Chariderman bicycle traveling man · Running the world"All are recorded in full color.

Examples of unrepentant reality feeling Part 1

Examples of unrepresentative realism 2

An example of unrepentant reality feeling Part 3

This sort of scenery will continue even this way, so even if you are staring at the booth you can trip on a world trip mood.

◆ Funny travel books even if people who do not like traveling read

Even if you say "I am not interested in sightseeing much". You can catch a glimpse of the real truly real world that is not a familiar sightseeing or specialty tour.

In the Northern Europe encounters reindeer encounters pedestrian walking steadily

In Tanzania, it passes by the elephant flock. There is no ordinary sense, a different world spreads there. Of course, you can taste the feeling that fantasies are irritated with grin. Rather than feeling of encountering wild animals, the image of a fantasy encountering monsters with grass will become more fascinating.

The place where the cheap information, which becomes usual when visiting a new place, is also interesting. People who are unfamiliar with the trip, as well as real sightseeing that does not touch much.

Of course, it is fun to meet in a journey, not only funny things. I was thrown discriminatory words to Asians, I was about to get toll at the border, I encountered robbery. It is a treasure trove of various ideas even if you are not interested in traveling, as there is a sure "different world" there, including all of them. Not only will you want to talk to someone, but the story set on the overseas will naturally stir up the willingness to create as much as you want to build a fantasy world.

Of course, it can also be enjoyed as a travel note circling the world by bicycle. Charlermann's journey is far from the traditional sightseeing, "living" one day a day in each place, a thing strongly attached to the area. People who like to travel can "feel like going to such a place" "Do you have a way to enjoy such abroad?"

Uyuni salt lake with fantastic scenery is popular as a sightseeing spot, but as it becomes a charriderman, I spend a night tent up there.

Special features of food and drinks are also attractive. Not to mention not only curious meat and fresh fruit you can tell at a glance but also amazing menus you can only eat there, curiosity will not stop. What kind of taste is "llama meat"?

Nomadic life experience experience in Mongolia. Even those who are not very interested in overseas trips will have their heart fluttering.

Beautiful and nice pictures are eye-catching, anyway, not to mention the charm that stimulates the desire to go to travel. Great majestic nature, vast landscapes, people's smile, rare wildlife, Charlie Mann's travelogue are filled with beautifully shining photos.

Penguins and elephants, pigs and camels, there are many unbearable pictures of animals, such as wild animals that can not be encountered in the neighborhood so easily in Japan, cat special feature that is overflowing in some areas, and so on.

◆ Real culture that can not be obtained only by textbooks

Charlie Man is running is not only glittering sightseeing spots. In the real life space that Chariderman tells, there were many things to be thought. The state of Athens, the capital city that was damaged by Greece in 2010 and the graffiti, which the proposal for economic relief called for pros and cons.

In Zimbabwe where the local currency was lost at the end of the economic crisis, the US doll of wrinkle was used. There was also an interesting episode that when you shop, "It is said that" 1 dollar 2 tomatoes, 3 onions "is said.

Barack Obama, the first Black President of the United States, seems to be popular enough that African regional goods are loved. This is also a real reaction not understood by textbook alone. It is exactly "unknown interest" that the true appearance of the real world will be glimpse, including the punch line of Chinese enterprises that mostly ignore portrait rights.

"Chariderman bicycle traveling man · Running the world"There are also a lot of contents where the sentence is overwhelmingly more educated. Charlermann 's idea that actually touched the world and touched on the lives of various places is many that can be made thought from a new perspective.

◆ The amount of photographs of about 12,000 pictures are truly awesome

The following screen shot summarizes the progress the way for image conversion in the middle of editing, are calculated the total file size in the lower left, about 12,000 sheets of image file number, and the total the total file size is 2.5GB You can see that it has reached. According to the official manual of Amazon Kindle direct publishing "The maximum size of the manuscript file of the e-book that can be uploaded is 650 MBIt is said that if you simply convert it to an e-book as it is, it can result in a trilogy rather than a trilogy. I made a lot of this, I managed to put together the two-part composition of the top volume and the bottom volume somehow.

Even so, as Amazon, the limit has been considerably relaxed than before 2014,The pre-conversion upload size before May 2014 is 50 MB, the maximum file size of the image file is 127 KBwas. In other words, this time"Chariderman bicycle traveling man · Running the world"It is realized by the advancement of technology, and in a sense, it is challenging the specification limit on Amazon KDP.

I understand that the number of pictures is amazing, but how many pages would actually be in a page? Because I estimated roughly just before the final version was completed. In the standard setting of Kindle Fire HD, there are 263 pages in the paper book"Violence to the future"Is "3122".

The first volume of Chariderman is "13003". The "location" of Kindle is different from the number of pages, but if you simply calculate it will be about 1000 pages in a paper book.

The second volume is also "12769" which is quite comparable since it is a considerable amount. Thinking with paper books, it is close to 2000 pages and you can feel that it is quite profitable super volume.

so,"Chariderman bicycle traveling man · Running the worldYou can get from below.

Chariderman bicycle traveling man · Over the world running in the world (GIGAZINE) | Takuya SAITO, GIGAZINE | Overseas travel | Kindle store | Amazon

Chariderman bicycle traveling man · Under the world running in the world (GIGAZINE) | Takuya SAITO, GIGAZINE | Overseas travel | Kindle store | Amazon

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