Movie "100 Years of Cars" which clearly shows the change of 100 years of car


Gasoline-powered cars were born, and mass production by production lines was realized in the 1910's. Electric cars have also appeared at the present time after about 100 years and the turning point of the automobile is about to come. The change of automobiles for such 100 years isGlamYou can trace with the movie you are publishing.

100 Years of Cars ★ - YouTube

It was the 1917 Auburn that was elected as the car representing the 1910s. I have a classic form that I also see in old movies.

With two large lights in the front grill ......

Wheel design is very characteristic.

Horn is on the side ... ...

The side mirror is only on the side of the driver's seat.

The 1920s was the first passenger car "Model L" that appeared in Lincoln in 1922. It became a hot topic by being able to run at about 130 km / h.

There is no light near the front grill ......

There is a light near the fender.

However, because there was no window glass and the hood-shaped open car style roof did not match the needs of the time, sales were not good for high performance.

Ford in the 1930s. It is a coupe model of "Model A" successor to "Model T" (T type Ford) which became a big hit.

The front grill has become a vertical mesh and the large light next to it is impressive.

In the 1940 's "Master Deluxe" by General Motors brand Chevrolet. It is characterized by rounded design as a whole.

The front grill is also rounded, there is light in the fender part.

The representative of the 1950s is an open car model of "Wayfarer" of Chrysler's brand · Dodge.

Wayfarer has many pastel color schemes in other colors, and it also features a pretty design than ordinary cars.

In the 1960s Chevrolet's first "Camaro". It features a high power model with displacement of 3800 cc ~ 7000 cc, car height is low, trunk is equipped with rear spoiler. The overall form has also approached the modern passenger car.

In the 1970's "Fiat 124 Spider". Here, the appearance of a European car. This model is a popular model whose cumulative production number has reached 150,000 units.

"Porsche 911" in the 1980s. Porsche's synonymous, "RR layout" which moves the engine behind by placing the engine behind is adopted from the initial model of the same model. The model in 1989 was equipped with a 330 PS engine.

Toyota's "RAV 4" representative model in the 1990s. This is the appearance of a Japanese car coming here. RAV 4 is also famous for becoming a fire of the later SUV boom.

Toyota's "Prius" representative model in the 2000s. The Prius is a "hybrid" car that runs using gasoline and electric energy, it is environmentally friendly, quiet and fuel efficient, making it a very popular car.

The representative of the 2010s is Tesla's "Model S". Electric cars may feel that it takes time to charge and it is hard to use, but if you use the 440 V charger "Tesla Supercharger", charging is completed in the shortest 45 minutes, if it is P100D model It is possible to travel a long distance of 613 km at the maximum.

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