What will the astronaut receive after death on Mars?

byNASA Goddard Space Flight Center

movies"OdysseyAs it was drawn, someday when humankind reaches Mars, there may be a crisis in that harsh environment. As a worst-case scenario, if what would be an astronaut on Mars is to be treated How about the bodies you dropped a life, NASA of bioethics adviser has show two options.

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According to Paul Root Wolf, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and an advisor to the bioethics of NASA, there are two choices, "to leave it there" or "take it home." However, as a NASA, Mr. Walp's perspective is to give top priority to the option of "take it home to the earth".

One of the reasons is that for astronauts who have worked together for three years together, their bodies are friends who have been tied up with strong bonds. The other is that the body is "property" for the bereaved family and has the right to seek refund.

On the other hand, depending on the cause of death, there is also the possibility that it is chosen to "leave". For example, if the cause of death was "fallen into a canyon," trying to recover the corpse could expose the lives of other astronauts to danger.

Also, if the space suit has been damaged for some reason and passed away, the dead body is considered to be left as well. This is because there is a possibility that some existence that has a fatal influence on human beings and the earth may adhere to the body. Although the existence of pathogenic bacteria and organisms causing such danger has not been confirmed, it has not been confirmed that it does not exist.

However, Mr. Walp is concerned that there is a possibility that leaving a corpse will have some influence on Mars. As of now, human beings are not yet able to put on their feet on Mars, so cases that are supposed here are not happening.

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