"Toppo Calamancy taste" developed by analyzing more than 10 million data by artificial intelligence matches human mouth? I actually tried it.

Amazon speech recognition AI "Amazon Alexa"AI writing a horror novel"Shelley"AI such as go and shogi"AlphaZero"There are remarkable things about the evolution and success of AI (artificial intelligence) recently such as. It was developed using the AI ​​"ToppoCalamancytaste"is. I tried to check immediately because the flavor of the flavor chosen by artificial intelligence fits the tongue and nose of human beings, since it reached the editorial department.

Toppo New release: Lotte online shop

Toppo Calamansity taste is handled in the Lotte Online Shop Limited, and it has become one set of 10 boxes.

When opening the set, 10 boxes of Toppo Calamansy taste were lined up cleanly.

The package of Toppo Calamanche taste has a geometric pattern drawn with a yellow line on a green background, and it is a design reminiscent of the substrate of an electronic circuit.

Compared with the usual Toppo, the box of Toppo Calamanche taste was getting larger by size.

Also not only the size but also the shape of the box is different from the usual Toppo, the corner just rounded rather than just a rectangular parallelepiped.

When I look at the box of Toppo Calamansity flavor again, it says "It's calamancy chosen by AI" and it's written with brains.Official siteAccording to the data that collects more than 10 million data on the Internet and analyzes the materials and tastes that will be hit from now on according to the huge amount of data item by item, it is said that it has this coloristic taste.

In the upper right corner of the surface is marked "AI artificial intelligence" and a mark appealing that AI was involved in development.

On the back is a description of AI and Calamancy. Calamansy is a popular citrus fruit in Southeast Asia.

Raw materials contained Calamanche fruit juice powder.

It is 237 kcal with 44 g of 1 bag.

There were two bags in one box.

When you open the bag, drifting citrus fresh and sweet and sour aroma fluffily. One bag contained seven toppo calamante taste.

I took out one and brought it. According to the official website, "About 1.6 times the weight compared to normal Toppo, about 2 times weight," there is certainly more weight than the usual Toppo.

I compared the size actually compared with normal Toppo. The topo calamansie taste (top) was about 1 cm longer than the usual Toppo (bottom).

The thickness of Toppo Calamansity taste (left) is larger than the usual Toppo (right).

By cutting with a kitchen knife to see the cross section ....

First you will notice that the color of the chocolate in it is different. Toppo Calamanshei taste (left) is white chocolate cream. In addition, although the thickness has changed, the amount of cream did not increase, but the toppo calamanshe taste was a bit thicker than normal toppo.

When eating it actually, the usual Toppo is a simple sweet chocolate sweet, while the toppo calamerche taste is not only sweet, it has a sour taste, it is a refreshing taste. The scent like yoghurt has gone through to the nose all the time, from the editorial staff who tasted it "fresh with a flavor that is quite different from ordinary Toppo" "There is a flavor like Visco" "I chose my favorite than I thought It was a bit disappointing, "I was asked. Because the fabric is getting thicker, the chewiness has increased slightly, and it is ant than the thought that the crisp texture than ordinary Toppo is emphasized.

Toppo Calamanche taste is limited sale at the Lotte Online Shop, available in 2 packs of 10 boxes at a price of 2700 yen. However, because it is limited to 1500 sets limited quantity, it is good appealing for those who want to eat as soon as possible. Application is possible from the following link.

Toppo 10 pieces set: Lotte online shop

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