Why do not you succeed in life even if you achieve perfect results?

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In China, cheating in the examination has become a big problem, and it is said that the applicant "to avoid doing a brassiere with wire because there is a possibility that a wireless terminal is loaded"It was also instructed. In some countries worldwide, as the death toll comes out, the exam war is overheated and the students are exposed to great stress, but from the research carried out so far, "even if the score of the test is high, looking in the long term I can not live a good life. "

Why Perfect Grades Do not Matter - YouTube

Children feel that "Good grades are all" when receiving educational ceremonies such as the US and Japan and with tests.

In order to succeed with his fame, he took good grades at high school,University academic suitability testIt is often thought that it is necessary to take a high score in SAT (Sat), but is it necessary for a high score in the school test to succeed in life? That's the theme of this movie.

The grade evaluation system in the United States was made on the basis of "academic success" over 100 years ago.

However, as of 2017, the results of schools are becoming anxious materials.

In a study conducted by the University of Michigan in 2002, "It is known that 80% of students think their values ​​on a school grades basis". In other words, low grades lead to lower self-esteem.

It is also said that pursuing perfect results will kill creativity and avoid taking academic risks as well. Pursuing perfect results, the purpose of learning is only to "get A evaluation", and even the feeling of "wanting to learn" is lost.

A If you keep seeking evaluation, you are exposed to great stress, and you also have problems with mental health. New York UniversityNYU Rory Meyers College of NursingWhen studying private high school students, it seems that 80% of the students answered that they are felt very stressful on a daily basis.

Some students do cheat to raise GPA from the idea that "good results are not taken". In the United States, we surveyed about 24,000 students enrolled in 70 schools nationwide, and 64% said they cheated. As much as that, the pressure for college entrance exams such as SAT and ACT is great for students.

However, it is not so if students with good grades in the university entrance examination demonstrate high performance at the university. In the 2014 study that examined 123,000 students, there was not much relation between the high score of college entrance examination and the performance in university, "High grade grades are good, but college entrance exam scores are mediocre" The students said that the performance at the university will be higher than "the score of the university entrance exam is high but the record of the high school is low".

One time test can only measure performance at that moment at that time, but because the school's grade reflects the everyday way of thinking "how much we can tackle things seriously".

And this is not the case as to whether a person who was excellent in academic ability to be selected as a graduate general is more successful than a classmate. As a result of keeping track of the people who were selected to be graduates for the past 14 years, there were people who succeeded in their career as professionals, but there was one person who had a foresight and worked as a pioneer did not.

People who are elected as graduates are also thinking "I am not the most intelligent student" and I recognize myself as "a type that strives and delivers what teachers want." It is not a type to take risks and adventure.

If grades are not harmful to a better life, regardless of success in the long term, are there other approaches?

When students' academic achievements are compared on a global scale, it is Finland that will jump to the top for many years. The results of American students do not go to Finland.

In Finland, the role of "test" will be much smaller than in the United States. And the system that 93% of students are graduating from university and vocational school is rated as the world's best.

Finland has not tested for the first six years since enrolling in school, and there are no measures to measure academic abilities.

Only standardized tests are done in the final year of high school.

However, Finnish students are among the top ten in the world every year in academic performance.

In this trend, the voice of "a newer educational method" is also growing in the United States.

There is an increasing number of experts who claim that the educational law is necessary, which focuses on "thinking about yourself" and "creating motivation to succeed" instead of simply asking for memories.

Tests are emphasized as of 2017, but the test is not everything. The key to success is to acquire "a passion for learning that goes on and on in life", and this passion leads to grades and leads to high scores in tests.

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