A smart toilet "Mr.Friendly" that displays advertisements at the most relaxing moment in the ice breaks up, and the smart appliances wave further accelerates

A Dutch startup is a smart toilet that can display advertisements on the monitor during the toilet "Mr.Friendly"Invented. Since Mr.Friendly is remote controllable, advertisement to be displayed can be freely switched, and when it detects that a toilet is being used, it displays an advertisement on the monitor.

Mr.Friendly | Waterloze urinoirs

This smart urinal will show you ads while you pee - The Verge

According to the start-up developing Mr.Friendly, the urinal is "one that can guarantee that men's attention can be captured for 40 seconds". Mr.Friendly, a smart urinal for effectively utilizing this 40 seconds, the man who came to the toilet has nothing else to do, so I add ads and watch advertisements.

On Mr.Friendly's official site is written that "the best moment for a person to get information is the timing when you can not escape anywhere else and you can not do anything else and that moment you only need to receive a message" Therefore, the moment when you add the rest in the toilet is exactly the best timing.

This is Mr.Friendly. At first glance it seems like an ordinary urinal, but the monitor is usually on the toilet bowl with areas such as human sensors, and the advertisement is displayed here.

People who actually encountered Mr.Friendly also exist on SNS, but it seems that they were not working properly due to a malfunction of the sensor.

In addition, Mr.Friendly is between the Netherlands and the United StatesDeployed in multiple toiletsIt has been.

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