The movie 'Your name is'. Terrestrial first broadcasting is decided, Director Makoto Shinkai says that "Encounter with unknown viewers is pleasure"

It was released on Friday, August 26, 2016, not only shone at the domestic box office revenue of 25 billion yen at 1st place in box office revenue ranking in 2016, but also the movie "2nd place in history of Japanese movies" Your name is ". On January 3, 2018, it was broadcast for the first time in TV Asahi series.

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The story is a girls high school student living in Itochomachi lying in the mountain in the Hida region, Miyamizu Mikibo and a male high school student Tachibana Taki living in Tokyo meet with a strange experience that "each other's body is swapped", eventually falling in love The story that it will fall. Long-run hit with a combination of destiny to be confronted with, the way she goes against it and the way she is directed by Makoto Shinkai and beautifully drawn with RADWIMPS.Real life in HollywoodAlso decided.

Director Shinkai Makoto's comments on terrestrial broadcasting are as follows.

What is your thought for terrestrial first broadcasting?

I had never imagined that you could watch a movie you made during the Golden Time of the terrestrial wave. But when I was a child I watched movies watching on TV and I had a lot of things I only knew there. In that sense, I am very happy to think that I got to receive what I received in my childhood, this time to people of different generations. I feel such a happy feeling that I finally became an adult.
On the other hand, I feel a little nervous about how you view this work. I think the movie is a very active media to buy tickets by themselves and go to see, but the TV is more casual and exists in the place of living, and it is very interesting how you can see it . But, thinking that so many people who can not imagine might like this work as much as they did not imagine, I am looking for encounters with unknown viewers and what is going on a little excitement doing.

For the first time "Your name is. Messages to audiences who touched "and viewers who are already fans of the work!

This "Your name is. Even if you watch it alone, even if you watch it with someone you care about with two people, even if you watch your family together, I think that each one finds something important .
Hundreds of thousands and millions of people watch the new year's broadcast at the same time, so various emotions happen at the same moment .... I think that enjoying the work with so many people together is the first experience for those who repeatedly watched the movie, so if you enjoy something like "contemporary feeling", "real time feeling". I also want to enjoy it.
But, to tell the truth, I can not see my work as much as I care. For the moment, on January 3, I will try not to watch television and the net all day, but ... I might not match the temptation and I will adjust the channel (laugh)

Broadcasting is TV Asahi Total of 24 stations and it starts at 1 pm on Tuesday, 21 o'clock.

Blu-ray & DVD "Your name is." (Release · Distributor: Toho) is on sale well.

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