In the shooting masterpiece 'Golden Eye 007' for that NINTENDO 64, a fierce man who cleared the first mission 'Dam' in only 52 seconds and setting the fastest clear record in 15 years appeared.

Speaking of the shooting game '

Golden Eye 007 ' released by Nintendo in 1997, it is one of the most popular masterpiece games among the games for NINTENDO64. Gamer karljobst, who is still playing such a Golden Eye 007, has set the clear time record of Mission 1-1 'Dam' which was established 15 years ago and has been impossible to update.

GoldenEye 007's most untouchable speedrun record falls after 15 years-Polygon

In Golden Eye 007, there are a 'competition mode' in which multiple people can play at the same time, a 'mission mode' in which you can play alone, and a 'fun mode' that is a hidden element. In this mission mode, it was gamer karljobst who was trying to ' speed run ' aiming to complete the shortest of each mission. The shortest clear record of each mission is only recorded more than 12 years ago, and the shortest clear record of the first mission 'Dam' was ' 53 seconds ' recorded by Bryan Bosshardt on September 27, 2002 Has been at the top for over 15 years.

The following movie contains the moment when karljobst updated the shortest clear record that has been regarded as such an immortal record.


Looking at the play movie, I completely dipped through the enemy and went straight to the center of the destination dam and dive as it is, using ' licking ' to move. The clear time is '52 seconds', and if you look at how excited Karljobst was at the time of clearing, you should be able to tell how difficult it was to update the time.

It seems that karljobst was delivering the state of the play on Twitch, and in the comment section there are a lot of comments such as “What a hell!” “Unbelievable!” “God!” The one that was cut out and published on YouTube even has the comment 'From this day, the page of' Legendary 'in the dictionary will be written as' Please refer to the page of karljobst '.' In addition, when karljobst updated the shortest clear record, there seems to be a smart user who immediately contributed $ 52 (about 5900 yen).

At the time of writing the article, Bryan Bosshardt's '53 seconds' is recorded as the shortest clear record in and Speed Demos Archive which records the shortest clear record of speed run, but in Elite Rankings it is immediately 52 seconds of karljobst. Is displayed as the fastest record.

Dam Rankings-The Elite Rankings

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