What are 12 steps that are essential for IT to operate artificial intelligence (AI)?

Many IT companies are planning to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to realize better service. However, it seems necessary to fundamentally change the tasks and processes in the IT work, so we need 12 stepsSmarter With GartnerWe are publishing it as an infographic graphic.

12 Steps to Excellence in Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations - Smarter With Gartner

"The 12 steps necessary for the introduction of AI are divided into nature and four major progress situations," said Will Capelli of Gartner, who created the infographic. Circular infographic graphics are divided into four phases, "Establishment Phase", "Reactive Phase", "Proactive Phase" and "Expansion Phase", and in each phase There are a total of 12 steps, three by three.

"Establishment Phase"
· Choose a few key business applications
· Evaluate existing skill set
· Create inventory of existing data

"Reactive Phase"
· Construct a semistructured history database
· Visualization of data Enable implementation and access to data from natural language
· Perform statistical analysis

"Proactive Phase"
· Implement data acquisition in streaming
· Use predictive analysis to predict events
· Engage in root cause analysis of complex problems

"Expansion Phase"
· Extend functionality to over 20 business applications
· Share data and analysis with IT processes other than IT work
· Share data and analysis in business processes

The survey report with the details of 12 steps is $ 195 (about 22,000 yen)PurchaseI can do it.

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